Animal activists offer cash for cruelty

Caption: A live export worker paid by animal activists offered to “distress sheep”.

Even more than most activists, animal activists seem to imagine themselves inhabiting some rarified moral plane that licenses them to commit all manner of wrongdoing, just so long as it furthers their cause.

Now, Animals Australia is accused of offering payment to a live-export worker in return for footage alleging animal cruelty. Quote:

Nationals leader Michael McCormack has accused some animal activists of stopping at nothing to kill off live exports after money was reportedly offered to whistleblowers for incriminating footage?”Many people want the live trade ceased and they’ll stop at nothing to ensure that happens,” Mr McCormack told ABC Radio on Thursday. End of quote.


PETA were exposed for secretly slaughtering nearly all of the dogs and cats given to their shelter, even though most of them were perfectly healthy and adoptable. The ?animal rights? organisation even installed a purpose-built walk-in freezer to store the results of its industrial-scale butchery.

Animal activists have also been found guilty of doctoring footage of alleged ?animal cruelty?. In one case, the New Mexico Livestock Board found that an activist ?had the opportunity to help relieve the suffering of an animal but ?apparently chose not to assist, in order to take compelling but nevertheless misleading video footage?.? Other activists have allegedly actively encouraged abattoir employees to mistreat animals so that they could secretly record it. Quote:

A live-export worker offered to cut ventilation off for animals in transit to cause further distress, after animal-rights activists sent emails promising to pay them as much as three months? worth of wages if they provided video footage of cruelty on ships.

One email from a senior employee at Animals Australia told a live-export ship worker he would get ?another $1000? donation to a school he was setting up if he could find someone to assist ?on any of the vessels doing ?Middle East runs.?

The Animals Australia employee also sent ?key instructions? on what to film, such as ?heat stress ? this is sheep with their mouths open panting as per this video? or ?piles of dead sheep the larger the better ? but even a pile of three is worth filming?.

When the worker asked the Animals Australia employee whether he should switch off the exhaust, which provides the sheep with oxygen, to capture footage of sheep in extreme distress, the employee said ?under no circumstance must he do this?.

Caption: ?Homer…Mr. Burns can’t see you winking?.

QWhistleblower Faizal Ullah was named as PETA?s Person of the Year for leaking footage of live-export ship Awassi Express to Animals Australia.

Mr Ullah has had payments of as much as $38,000 appear in his bank accounts from other Australian accounts, and, according to The Daily Telegraph, he was caught bragging to friends about massive payments in return for sending footage?Animals Australia has previously denied making any ?payments. End of quote.