Applying the Paula Bennett test

Sarah Dowie Jami-Lee Ross

Since both Sarah Dowie and Jami-Lee Ross won’t talk about their affair the most obvious line of questioning now for journalists is for one of them to ask Paula Bennett if she will be applying the same test to Sarah Dowie that she applied to Jami-Lee Ross.

Here at Whaleoil we refer to it as the Paula Bennett test. She publicly stated that Jami-Lee Ross’ conduct was inappropriate for a married MP so will she be applying that same standard to Sarah Dowie and if not, why not?

Bridges should also be asked if he will be applying the same standard to his entire caucus as he did to Jami-Lee Ross. In Jami-Lee Ross’ case, he was accused of being unfaithful to his wife, being a bad boss and being mean to Bridges. In contrast, Sarah Dowie is being investigated for a crime.

Is it equitable treatment that the bad husband and bad boss gets expelled but the alleged criminal continues to enjoy Bridge’s protection and is not asked to stand down?

Sarah Dowie like Jami-Lee Ross was granted staff leave on full pay but unlike Jami_Lee Ross her unexplained absence at the time was not subjected to journalistic scrutiny. There was a clear double standard at the time where the man was held accountable but the woman was granted protection.