Ardern looks to Europe for guidance

Two globalists

Jacinda Ardern, writing for Project Syndicate, prefaces her discussion by talking about our natural landscape which she calls beautiful, unique and unspoiled and then she says that she wants to align us with the very worst of Europe?s powerbases, the EU.

The EU has decimated any European country with western heritage that will let them get away with it. It?s almost as if Jacinda were saying that the EU will destroy the remnants of our western civilisation, but, reading between the lines, we will still have our beautiful landscape. Quote.

For us, international partnerships with those who share our commitments ? to human rights, open societies and economies, inclusive trade, and social justice ? are neither dispensable nor optional. They are crucial to our survival as an island state and integral to who we are.? End of quote.

She lost me with the words ?open societies and economies?.? Jacinda is a globalist declaring her allegiance to the rest of the world’s globalists.? She welcomes immigrants and she promotes diversity and multi-culturalism.? Someone needs to tell her that multi-culturalism is a pipe-dream that does not work. Quote.

The European Union was founded on the same principles. So, in today?s challenging times, it is no surprise that New Zealand looks to the EU as a natural partner on so many global issues.

end quote.

No, we do not look to the EU as a natural partner. For one thing they are on the other side of the world and we are in the Pacific. Our natural allies are Australia and the Pacifica countries. ?I could argue the US is one too, but its president and the majority of its population are nationalists, so Ardern does not give them the time of day.

But we know who put that thought into Ardern?s woolly head.? She has just met with Theresa May who was told four years ago by voters that they wanted to quit the EU.? It hasn?t happened because Theresa May is a globalist who actually wants to stay in the EU so instead she half-heartedly attempted to make arrangements that have failed to achieve Brexit. It doesn?t matter what voters think, globalists will follow their own agenda and everyone else must fall into line; including the British voters who said otherwise.

Ardern then talks about the ?many thousands of young men from New Zealand willingly travelled to the other side of the world to fight alongside our allies in two world wars.?  Where was Ardern when history was taught at school? Our soldiers died in both wars defending the Commonwealth and our British heritage, not the EU, which was founded in the aftermath of WW2. Quote.

New Zealand has never forgotten that tragic loss and the lessons arising from it. We learned that a world without rules, or with no peaceful means of resolving disputes, is one of chaos and bloodshed.? End of quote.

Let’s not forget that without that tragic loss we would be living in a very different world today. A world without rules means whose rules? When there is no peaceful means to resolving disputes, what then? She wants global governance and peace ? but on whose terms? Are globalists pacifists? Quote.

Today, with global rules and norms again under threat, and cooperation in meeting the world?s big challenges faltering, countries like ours must work even more closely with those that are committed to the same core values. In this regard, New Zealand sees the EU and its member states as key partners on three issues in particular: climate change, promoting global peace and stability, and trade.? End of quote.

I repeat: Europe is not a natural ally of New Zealand but, because the EU promotes climate change, Ardern sees an opportunity to further her own climate change agenda which she ranks as ?the defining global challenge of our time?.? This is simply wishful thinking from a lone globalist leader at the far end of the world.? Quote.

We work together to combat terrorism through peace support operations…?End of quote.

Newsflash: terrorists aren?t interested in talking about peace ? they don?t want peace; they want war.? By all means sit down and talk, but unless you have the physical capability to defend your country, you will be laughed out of the door and over-run immediately thereafter.

Ardern?s writing makes her agenda clear, and it’s clearly wrong for New Zealand. She needs to go.