Ardern’s prediction for 2019

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Stacey Kirk writing for Stuff interviewed Jacinda Ardern for a recap of 2018 and asked for her prediction for 2019.

Ardern’s crystal ball did not give her anything on the big issues of housing, poverty, wages and salaries, the global economy, taxes and immigration. In fairness she wasn’t looking to add anything on these subjects because she had already indicated that the government has them all totally in hand and is doing a fantastic job, thank you very much.

Instead, her prediction for 2019 is, drum roll, no little brother or sister for Neve. Quote.

?No more maternity leave for me. So, there you go.? End of quote.

Okay, that was a big let-down, which stumped Kirk for a response. How do you answer that one? By changing the subject of course.

Taking my cue from the very low benchmark of this interview, let me indulge in a spot of petty criticism of my own.

Two things stood out and they have nothing to do with the dismal content of the 2018 round up which was slick with rhetoric and back patting.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wearing her signature Sketchers.

First, Ardern is wearing Sketchers in the video interview. These are great for mooching around home and ambling through the supermarket, but a fashion statement they are not. Rather, these uglies look pretty unsuited to flapping around below a tailored jacket.

The second is her very annoying habit of adding the letter k to the word ‘something’, (somethink) guaranteed to make me wince with embarrassment whenever I hear it – which is far too often.

She might be forgiven her woeful wardrobe sense and poor diction if she actually had something to say.  She did not.  How many times have you heard this one? Quote.

?Ultimately it will be the public who determine whether we?ve succeeded or failed..? End of quote.

And she certainly took the opportunity to slip the knife between our ribs with this one. Quote.

?As a government we still have the majority of New Zealanders?s support and the optimism?? End of quote.


Yes, she is slick. As a government the Coalition of Losers has the majority but let’s not forget that the Labour Party only got 36.9% of the total vote in the last election, compared to the National Party which came out on top with 44.4%.

As a politician, Ardern is holding her own in the polls which only serves to indicate the gullibility of the voting public.