Are the spooks targeting independent media?

Is the global Deep State infiltrating the independent media movement? It sounds like something from a Cold War paranoia thriller, but, as Bill and Ted would say, ?strange things are afoot at the Circle K?.

COINTELPRO was the FBI?s program that aimed to infiltrate and ultimately discredit radical movements, by manufacturing bogus publications attributed to dissident groups, and fomenting violence in place of peaceful protest. David Cole has documented how German and Canadian intelligence used paid provocateurs posing as violent neo-Nazis to discredit criticism of mass immigration.

It?s a rabbit-hole of paranoia and conspiracies ? and now there are claims that it is happening again. Quote:

In a startling revelation, an editor for major populist online publication Voice of Europe is accused of working for British police intelligence as part of a program targeting political organizations in the UK and broader Europe?The operation was first exposed on January 1, 2019 by independent researcher Nicholas Monroe, who had grown concerned over the disappearance of Peter Imanuelsen, a Norwegian-born UK national living in North Yorkshire and blogging under the alias Peter Sweden. End of quote.

Imanuelsen has been targeted for smear campaigns before. A post on his website details how Hope Not Hate doctored some of his past statements ? statements which he says he has in any case since disowned: A couple of years ago when I was younger, I had some stupid opinions that I now regret, something I have been very clear about for a long time. Yet these far-left activists still try and claim that these are my views when they are not.

But Imanuelsen?s story recently got a little weirder. Quote:

Imanuelsen?caused alarm by ceasing his usually constant Twitter activity for the month of December 2018?

Imanuelsen had become engaged in November to an editor and ?second in command? of [Voice of Europe]?known by the moniker of ?Laura Cat,? [who] claims to be a 25-year-old unmarried woman. However, ?Laura Cat?s? own social media posts established that she is in fact a married mother whose brother in law is an employee of the UK Metropolitan police. End of quote.

A series of reports from the Guardian revealed that British intelligence also engaged in ?cointelpro? style activities in the 70s and 80s, with agents going as far as establishing long-term sexual relationships and even having children with targets. Quote:

According to a statement from Imanuelsen, ?Laura Cat? also works with an unnamed anti-trafficking charity that collaborates with MI5 and the US Department of Justice.

Peter Imanuelsen?s father Emanuel revealed that since Peter had begun speaking to ?Laura Cat,? their family had been systematically targeted by hacking and phone tapping attempts. When Imanuelsen confronted the woman about his concerns that she was a part of a government program to target his son, he was blocked on social media both by her personal account as well as by the Voice of Europe. End of quote.

Imanuelsen has released a public statement that confirms only that a relationship with an unnamed female (matching the info about ?Laura Cat?) caused personal and professional conflict. Apart from a cryptic reference to ?honey pots?, the statement seems to indicate that Imanuelsen just wishes to bury the matter.

Voice of Europe put out their own statement, denying claims of infiltration. Their statement seems a perfectly straightforward crisis response: denial, but not offering any clarifying detail. Quote:

?Rumours were spread that the editorial team of Voice of Europe has been infiltrated by the intelligence services.

Those rumours, stemming from private sources, are untrue. We are a private organisation owned by private individuals with no government influence or ties.

We are here for you, the people, to continue to share the news uncensored.

To avoid further damage to those concerned we will not comment further on these rumours.? End of quote.

Peter Imanuelsen has resumed his prolific Twitter posting. Quote:

Further statements from Emanuel Imanuelsen indicate that ?Laura Cat? was allegedly part of a program targeting political organizations and figures in both the US and Europe. According to Imanuelsen?s father, targets include Wikileaks, the Voice of Europe?s owners, Polish politician Dominik Tarczy?ski, unnamed Republican politicians, a ?person close to Donald Trump,? Tommy Robinson and UKIP politician Janice Atkinson. ?Laura Cat? had also purportedly hoped to use her connections with Voice of Europe to develop ties to high profile figures such as Geert Wilders, Marie Le Pen, Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orban. The Voice of Europe editor has also done design work for independent journalists such as Laura Loomer.

If the testimony of Imanuelsen?s family and research by Nick Monroe is confirmed, it will represent a major breach of security for anti-establishment movements in the US and Europe. In November 2018, a report from Mintpress News revealed that American white supremacists had received training from the Ukrainian Neo Nazi group the Azov Battalion, who are assisted by the Ukrainian, US and Israeli governments. Far-right groups in Ukraine such as Right Sector are also working with Islamic militants who have received training from ISIS in Syria. End of quote.


What to make of all this? There?s not enough pins and strings to sort this mess out. It should also be remembered that ?bad jacketing? ? creating suspicion about individuals through false rumours ? was another COINTELPRO tactic.

Meanwhile, rest assured that I’m not on any government payroll. But, then, that’s just what a spy would say, isn’t it…?