At last, the truth is out

It was not Russian collusion; it was not voter fraud; it was not undocumented voters; it was not the basket of deplorables; it was not Bill and a cigar; it was not 30,000 ‘lost’ emails; it was not foreknowledge of the debate questions; it was not the Obama effect; it was not the biased media.

Oh no, it was much simpler than that: something someone (unfortunately) much closer to home and he has just let the cat out of the bag. Quote.

I smile every day watching the aftermath of preventing Hillary.
Deep State exposed.
Fake news exposed.
DOJ & FBI exposed.
I?m happy you are more informed than ever. 2019 will reveal so much more. Get ready for the next round of leaks. Monumental stuff. End quote.

Kim Dotcom

Just thought you might like to know.