At least somebody’s excited about a Labor government

Here they come again.

If the opinion polls are to be believed, Australia is on track to be lumbered with a Shorten Labor government some time this year. This is not a prospect that seems to fill many Australians with an overwhelming sense of joy ? polls also show that Shorten is by far the most unpopular choice of leader. Labor is just threatening to slither into power on the greased pole of the Coalition?s dysfunction.

However, there is one group of people who are not just overjoyed at the prospect of a Labor government ? they?re literally counting on it and I’m not talking about Jacinda Ardern. Quote:?

Indonesian fishermen who have previously smuggled asylum-seekers to Australia are closely monitoring federal election campaigning and say they are ready to restart their trade if Bill Shorten is elected and weakens the nation?s tough border regime.

Fisherman Amin Tagana, who was paid Rp50 million ($5000) to ferry asylum-seekers to Christmas Island in 2014, told The Weekend Australian that smuggling bosses were ?still active and monitoring the Australian election? in the hope a new government would ease the crackdown??I am very excited about that. Even though I will be putting my life on the line, for the right opportunity I would do it again.? End of quote.

Indonesian authorities are keeping an ear to the ground, too ? and they?re less than thrilled. Quote:

East Nusa Tenggara senior water police commissioner Dwi Suseno said that, although the asylum boats had all but stopped in the past few years, he, too, was bracing for a possible change in Australian policy.

?We are monitoring Australian politics and policy closely,? he said this week.

?Right now we are grateful for the current policy because it?s proven effective as a deterrent, but if the policy changes we might have to anticipate an increase in people-smuggling cases.? End of quote.

In 2007, Labor denied, hand-on-heart, that their weakening of Howard?s border-protection regime was going to see boats start up again. Yet, by the time Labor was turfed out, boats were arriving daily, detention centres were full to bursting, and 1200 people had drowned. Yet again, Labor is trying to deny the obvious. Quote:

Labor denies its policies would soften border protection, although the party is promising to abolish temporary protection visas and endorse doctor-ordered medical evacuations off Manus ?Island and Nauru. End of quote.

The far-left wing of Labor are clamouring for it to go even further. Who really doesn?t believe that if they?re elected, Shorten won?t fold like a cheap suit?

Certainly, the next wave of country-shopping illegals aren?t buying Labor?s transparent denials. Quote:

Yet the young Afghans living here are picking up a different message from Australia right now and say they are ready to go at the first opportunity??Everybody wishes for a change of policy and that they open the way for asylum-seekers.? End of quote.

For no other reason, it appears, that these freeloaders have well and truly worn out their welcome. Quote:

The desire to leave Indonesia is made more urgent by growing ?resentment among Kupang residents who believe the refugees here, living in converted hotels and receiving three meals a day, enjoy a better standard of living than most locals.

The provincial governor has made it clear he would be only too happy to see them go. End of quote.