Australia Day battle heats up

Caption: Since 1788, Australia has grown into a free, liberal democracy. Leftists hate it.

There are a couple of sure signs in Australia that Christmas is over and the summer silly season is setting in: hot cross buns in the supermarkets on Boxing Day, cricket on the telly, and lefties whining about Australia Day. The worst culprits are local council numpties who, instead of just looking after the local ovals and seeing that the bins get emptied, use Australia Day as a bully pulpit for their empty-headed virtue-signalling.

The Morrison government has moved to spike their guns. Quote:

Scott Morrison has rebuffed Bill Shorten?s claim the government is politicising Australia Day with a plan to force councils to have citizenship ceremonies on January 26.

The prime minister hit back at the Labor leader for not immediately backing the move which he says is common sense. End of quote.

Shorten is trying to pull his usual flim-flam act. Australia Day has already been politicised by bullying leftists and whingeing ?Indigenous? activists. Everyone was perfectly happy, having their barbies and waving their little plastic flags until these miserable nongs started their standard cry-bully act. Quote:

Forcing councils to have the ceremonies on Australia Day comes after a handful of municipalities voted to move citizenship events out of respect for indigenous people.

?If some councils as we?ve seen want to play games, well, you don?t have to run citizenship ceremonies, other arrangements will be made,? the prime minister said.

?But we will not undermine Australia?s national day.? A strict dress code for ceremonies will also be introduced banning board shorts and thongs.

?I?m a prime minister for standards,? Mr Morrison said.

The Coalition government has been accused of playing politics on the issues by critics. End of quote.

This is nonsense. Citizenship ceremonies are administered by the Department of Home Affairs. It is absolutely the government?s right to set the requirements for them, including which day they should be held. Local councils need to pull their heads in and stop overstepping their bounds.

Activists also need to stop playing fast and loose with the truth. Quote:

Others were quick to point out that it is only since 1994 that Australia Day has consistently been celebrated as a public holiday on January 26 by all states and territories. End of quote.

Anyone who isn?t a brain-dead activist will remember perfectly well that Australia Day has been a public holiday all our lives. Australia Day has been celebrated on a January 26, with a public holiday, in all Australian states and territories since 1935. All that happened in 1994 was that the Federal government formally clarified what had been a fact for sixty years.

Australian citizenship should be an honour ? and participants should show their gratitude by dressing appropriately. Quote:

The government also stated it will enforce a dress code for the ceremonies.

?By all means put on the boardies and thongs for the BBQ afterwards, but for the official ceremony, it?s the right thing to do to show respect in how you dress for your new country of citizenship and your fellow new citizens,? Mr Morrison said. ?I?m a Prime Minister that?s for standards.? End of quote.

No problem with that. None at all.