Australia’s Green Gunts

Caption: Worst Mr. Myagi cosplay ever.

For a party that spends so much time preaching about ?decency?, and who faint like so many maiden aunts if a female politician is so much as spoken to sternly, the Greens sure are a rapey, foul-mouthed bunch.

Whaleoil readers will be well aware of Marama ?Gunt? Davidson?s fondness for the ?c-word?. Now, one of her Australian counterparts has gone into bat for a serial pest with a habit of haranguing members of the public with it.

Mehreen Faruqi, the Greens? unelected diversity hire, tweeted her support of Sydney geriatric whack-job Danny Lim, when he was arrested for offensive behaviour.

Caption: What a pair of Gunts.

Green bible, The Guardian, also got its knickers in a twist. Quote:

More than 150 people have surrounded a Sydney police station to protest against the treatment of sandwich board activist Danny Lim after footage of him being arrested sent social media into a frenzy?It is unclear what the offensive behaviour involved. End of quote.

Unclear? Here?s a hint: Quote:

Video of the arrest shows an officer holding a sandwich board sign that reads: ?SMILE CVN?T! WHY CVN?T??

?Using an inverted A in the word ?can?t?, those signs said ?TONY YOU CAN?T. LIAR, HEARTLESS, CRUEL? and ?TONY YOU CAN?T SCREW EDUCATION?. End of quote.


Now, I?ve been known to swear like a sailor on occasion ? but there are times and places. I might drop the c-bomb around the lads, but I know perfectly well that I?ll cop a clip over the ear if I say it in front of the (non-Green) missus and her friends. Likewise, if you introduce me to your grandmother, I?d hardly greet her with, ?G?day Granny ? get a f-kin? dog up ya!?

Faruqi also never misses an opportunity to remind anyone who doesn?t want to know that she?s a Muslim. Apparently, she has forgotten that bad language is haram. Muhammad wasn?t at all keen on Sweary-Maryams. According to the hadith, ?A true believer is not involved in taunting, or frequently cursing or in indecency or abusing?.

But, as always with the Greens, it?s do as they say, not as they do.