Bogan scum kick woman out of her own home

In Irvine Welsh?s short story, A Soft Touch, nice guy John is systematically taken advantage of by the conniving Katriona: scammed, abused and cuckolded. Even when Katriona moves in with Larry upstairs, she and her new boyfriend run an extension cord through his window and live off his electricity and she gets away with it all.

Queensland is a long way from the slums of Fife, but, chavs or bogans and lowlife scum are the same the world over. Quote:

A Chinese woman was forced out of her home in Australia and forced to live in a car when squatters took over. The woman who goes by Alicia bought a home in Queensland Australia seven years ago and wanted to make some extra money by renting out some rooms in her house. It turned into a nightmare when the woman she rented brought in her friends and they decided they didn?t want to leave and declared the house theirs reports ?A Current Affair?. End of quote.

Little old ladies taking in a lodger or two, to pay the bills, is a time-honoured practice. Unfortunately, so is scumbags taking advantage of decent people. Quote:

It all started when Alicia decided to rent out a couple rooms in her house to help pay for her mortgage. She advertised on Gumtree and a woman named Tanya Anderson showed up. Tanya said she and her daughter needed a place to stay. Alicia and Tanya agreed on a three week lease that Tanya paid. Alicia had to leave her home for a while but when she came back Tanya?s friends moved in and kicked Alicia out. They even changed the locks on the door keeping Alicia out and claimed the house for themselves. End of quote.

The most astonishing thing about such bogan creeps is how they keep getting away with it. The law punishes the innocent and rewards the brazen chutzpah of lowlife scum. Quote:

Alicia tried to take back her house. However, when the police arrived they ended up arresting her until she could prove she owned the home. Nevertheless, when she did prove she owned her home the police refused to help her and told her to take it to the civil courts. By this time Alicia had been living in her car and decided to call ?A Current Affair? to see if they could help her.

?A Current Affair? went with her to her house where they were confronted by Tanya, her boyfriend Dallas, and an unidentified man with glasses.

?This is not her home,? Tanya tells the reporter?Another renter named Rachel tells ?A Current Affair? that she was renting a room at Alicia?s and she was also kicked out by the squatters. ?They?ve literally pushed two people out on the street.? End of quote.

So, while the cops wash their hands, two honest people are left homeless. Quote:

It?s been six weeks now and since Alicia can?t get back into her home and Tanya hasn?t paid rent, Alicia is forced to live out of her car?

?It?s ridiculous, it?s something I didn?t plan, couldn?t think, couldn?t manage at all. Ah just awful,? she says from the back of her car trunk holding onto her blanket. ?It?s terrible it is terrible. I don?t know how can I meet bad people like this,? she says wiping away tears. End of quote.