Call for cyclists to wear ID labels

Caption: Just a suggestion.

[…] a cyclist, who cursed and swore at him from a moral high ground that cyclists alone seem able to inhabit

Douglas Adams

Even as far back as 1987, Douglas Adams knew that cyclists were entitled elitists who live in a bubble of smugness where the rules of the road apply to everyone else but them. Now even other two-wheeled road users have had enough of the road maggots. Quote:

Cyclists are facing a new push to wear identification numbers so they can be reported for breaking road rules.

The Tasmanian Motorcycle Council says cyclists over 18 should wear a number on their vest or helmet so they can be identified and reported for road offences??The Tasmanian Motorcycle Council would like to see cyclists be identifiable so that the cyclists who break the law can be identified and proceeded against.? End of quote.

Unsurprisingly, cyclist lobby groups don?t feel obligated to be held to the same standards as other road users. Quote:

However, the Bicycle Network has pushed back on calls for bicycle registration.

?Bike rego has reared its tired head once again with calls coming from the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council for the road safety levy to be spent on registering cyclists,? the Bicycle Network posted on Facebook on Tuesday?

?But it is always poorly thought out, registration won?t stop crashes and registration doesn?t pay for roads. It would, however, stop people from riding bikes.? End of quote.

As I?ve covered before, cyclists can escape penalty for serious road violations because they are difficult to identify, unlike vehicles with clearly displayed registration. Quote:

All Australian states and territories require private vehicle owners to pay an annual registration fee in order to use public roads?the total fee may also reflect different components, such as a charge for compulsory third-party insurance. End of quote.

Registration doesn?t pay directly for the roads, but it contributes to general revenue, which does. More importantly, registration fees are used to pay for compulsory third party insurance (such as Tasmania?s MAIB) which benefits everyone who is injured in a road accident. By not paying registration, cyclists are free-riding off everyone else on the road.

Identification for cyclists is long overdue, and should be distinctive and highly visible. Here?s a couple of suggestions.

Whaleoilers are invited to contribute their own ideas.