Cam cracks open a bottle whenever this happens

Legend has it that every time that Whaleoil gets ten new subscribers Cam cracks open a bottle of Labour tears of impotent rage.

Some say that every time that Whaleoil gets a new subscriber a Vegan coughs up an undigested ball of sunflower seeds.

Others claim that every time it happens a Left-wing blog editor smashes his keyboard.

Or that a Green party list MP’s bike gets a puncture.

I think that every time that a reader subscribes to Whaleoil a Leftie in a city somewhere screams at the sky.

Some rumours claim that Whaleoil subscribers are members of an all-powerful secret organisation that holds coffee drinking ceremonies at a place called The Quarry.

All we know for sure is that a subscription gives a subscriber access to exclusive services.

  • All subscribers get access to a daily online crossword and Sudoku.
  • All subscribers get faster loading times and Ad-free viewing.

Silver subscribers get access to weekly original articles from Incite politics magazine