Captain Cook isn’t killing your kids

Caption: The late Bill Leak threw lefties into a tailspin by reminding them of what they’re determined not to see.

Alice Springs councillor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has warned against the excessive fetishisation of Aboriginal culture, pointing out its direct contribution to the appalling rates of child abuse and domestic violence that blight far too many Aboriginal communities. But as she points out, urban activists wedded to a blindly romanticised view of Aboriginal culture refuse to admit its downsides. If there are problems in Aboriginal society, it has to be Whitey?s fault.

Apparently, Captain Cook is roaming remote communities like some periwigged vampire, killing Aboriginal children. Quote:

Australia?s indigenous suicide crisis won?t be fixed by blaming colonisation, says Aboriginal academic Anthony Dillon, who is calling for a greater focus on the effects of high unemployment, violence and child sexual abuse in many communities. End of quote.

There is no denying that suicide is threatening to become epidemic in Aboriginal society. On current trends, it won?t be long before half of all suicides will be Aboriginal children. Quote:

Dr Dillon?s comments yesterday came after The Weekend Australian reported that four Aboriginal girls had taken their own lives within a week?About 5 per cent of Australians aged up to 17 are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, but 40 per cent of the children who took their own lives over the past year were indigenous, according to federal indigenous critical response team head Gerry Georgatos.. End of quote.

These figures are a tragedy. Clearly, something is very wrong and needs to be fixed but, it seems that admitting the real problems is too threatening to some people?s cosy world-views. It?s easier to blame the big, bad Colonialist boogey-man than face the truth. Quote:

Indigenous academic Pat Dudgeon, from the University of Western Australia, has blamed the crisis on colonisation which, she says, plays ?a key role in negatively affecting the general mental health and wellbeing of indigenous people?.

But Dr Dillon, from the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at the Australian Catholic University, deemed it more complicated. ?It?s far too easy to just blame colonisation or to say the government aren?t doing enough,? he said, adding that the key challenge was stopping people thinking about suicide in the first place. End of quote.

Aboriginal culture is ?deeply patriarchal; men are ?superior to women and more privileged, and the collective quashes the rights of the individual. These principles, thousands of years old, come together to oppress women now?

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

Violence and sexual abuse rates in Aboriginal communities are shockingly high. We?ve known this without a doubt since the Little Children are Sacred report in 2007. This is not, as some apologists try to argue, a ‘socio-economic’ problem: abuse rates for Aboriginal children are higher in every socio-economic quintile.

Remedial action is hampered by activists? bigotry of low expectations. Aboriginal Australians like Price, and Warren Mundine, are sneered at as ‘coconuts’ or ‘Uncle Toms’, racist slurs popular in left-wing circles. Quote:

?If you talk about ending the violence and the child sexual abuse, which is a known link to suicide, you?re branded a sellout if you?re Aboriginal,? he said.

?If you?re non-Aboriginal you?re called a racist. We?ve got to have these tough conversations for things to get better.?

Dr Dillon said he believed activists campaigning for the date of Australia Day to be changed should instead devote their energies to the suicide epidemic.


Whining about Australia Day is easy. Helping Aboriginal Australia save its children is hard. Guess which option the left choose?