‘Carbon-free’ is so 2018; ‘Plastic-free’ is now the thing

Update your virtue signalling vocabulary now. With the turn of the year it is time to proclaim yourself ‘plastic-free’, even if you are still using plastic.

Just as ‘carbon-free’ does not actually mean all carbon has been removed from your life (including yourself as you are 18% carbon) it appears that one can claim to be ‘plastic-free’ whilst still enjoying the benefits of modern life afforded by the versatile product that is called plastic.? This from the eminently virtue-signalling BBC: Quote.

A primary school has been praised by the education secretary for becoming the first “plastic-free” school.

Georgeham Primary School, near Croyde, Devon, cut out single-use plastics such as cling film, replacing it with foil.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds has urged all schools to follow, saying plastics harm the environment.

The status was given to the school by the charity Surfers Against Sewage. Head teacher Julian Thomas said minor changes had reduced plastic use.

A spokesman for Surfers Against Sewage said the school had hit “five crucial targets” including a “plastic audit”.

“The key changes that enabled the school to go plastic free included getting rid of plastic from the school’s supply chain and replacing single-use plastic with plastic that can be easily recycled,” the charity said.

Mr Thomas said all the schools pupils “enthusiastically” played their part in reducing “excessive single use plastic consumption”.

Damian Hinds said he wanted to support “every school” to go plastic free by 2022. […] End quote.

Being naturally inquisitive, we reckoned a visit to the school’s blog was appropriate to see how they were managing to teach in a ‘plastic-free’ school.

Yup, definitely plastic free!

They are very proud of their Church of England heritage and proclaim their Christian, Bible-based standards in their school values on their website.  It is a a shame they missed the one about truthfulness, honesty and not bearing false witness. Curiously, Jesus had some hard words for the virtue-signalling Pharisees of his time.

But, hey – the Surfers Against Sewage have awarded them ‘plastic-free’ status; so who am I to argue?