Climate change could alter gender of newborns

Climate change scientists just don’t know when to stop. They may pull the wool over our eyes using scientific mumbo jumbo but surely such an outrageous claim as this will challenge even the most avid aficionado. Unless climate change enthusiasts have morphed into a new religion adhered to by zealots who will not be moved, which I suspect it has.Quote.

A recent study from Japan, where temperatures have increased an average of 1.15C per 100 years, suggests changing temperatures due to global warming could alter the world’s proportion of male and female newborns. End of quote.

The findings, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility and reported on by CNN, follow the scientists’ previous work on how births are affected by extreme environmental events.


Okay, I will bite, which sex predominates at higher temperatures? Quote.

The conception of boys in particular was deemed especially vulnerable to external stress, such as extreme weather events. In fact, nine months after some of Japan’s most disastrous events – the 1995 Kobe earthquake, 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and Fukushima Daichii power plant nuclear disaster – the proportion of male babies born in affected areas declined by anywhere from 6 per cent to 14 per cent compared to the previous year. Extreme weather events were also associated with fluctuations in birth weight.

These findings suggest extreme stress can influence gestation and alter the gender ratio of newborns, potentially leading to more boys born in areas with increasing temperatures and fewer boys in areas with more extreme environmental changes, such as drought or wildfire.

End of quote.

Most women already know that we are better equipped to cope with adversity, which is why we birth the babies.

Hypothetically, if the world population was reduced to 12 of one sex and 1 of the other, which sex would predominate to ensure future population? Women of course, because they can produce 12 offspring whereas 12 men and one woman would only produce one offspring (at a time). Here ends my theory on the science of gender selection in survival. quote.

“Fukuda theorises that the vulnerability of Y-bearing sperm cells, male embryos and/or male fetuses to stress is why ‘subtle significant changes in sex ratios’ occur,” the network reported.

University of California, Berkeley professor Ray Catalano added this is because the male infant is “a relatively frail organism.”

“For every society, for every year, the human being most likely to die (prematurely) is male infants. And that’s true for every society that we have data for,” Catalano told CNN. End of quote.

There you go – science just backed up my theory that women are the chosen sex for survival of the human race.