Compare and contrast: Part two

Credit: SonovaMin

The left-wing blog The Standard have published their top ten most commented on posts of 2018. I thought that it would be very interesting to compare and contrast their top three stories that most engaged their commenting readers with ours.

Their most commented on post looked at how the NZ Herald had (in their opinion) manufactured a narrative. The theme of the MSM controlling the narrative is one that we have in common with them.

What is funny however is that we see the MSM as having a left-wing bias whereas their perspective is that it has a right-wing bias..

Whaleoil’s most commented on post was confirmation of what readers had been speculating about for months. Jacinda Ardern’s pregnancy.

The Standard’s second most commented on post was a conspiracy theory that the death of Sergei Skripal was actually a false flag operation by America. Anti-America and anti-Trump themes are common on left-wing blogs. In contrast on Whaleoil we see America as our ally and admire what president Trump has achieved.

Whaleoil’s second most commented on post was the news that Simon Bridges had been selected as the new leader of the National party and that National?s caucus had made a big error in choosing him.

In third place The Standard had a post poking fun at the National party’s stance that everything was fine and that there was nothing to worry about.

Whaleoil’s most commented on post in third place was a sports post because we are not all about politics as we like to have fun as well