Convicted drug dealer gets reference from convicted fraudster

We all know by now that Karel Sroubek is a good guy deep down, as that is what Richie Hardcore told the prime minister while thanking her for letting Sroubek stay in the country and get another chance. Sroubek also has another person vouching for him, saying that he is a good guy really. It is convicted fraudster Alex Swney. quote.

As much as a former prisoner can comment on character, I am going to try, because I think there is an overwhelmingly sad and vindictive righteousness playing out in this whole sorry saga.
I’m not attempting to defend a convicted drug dealer. There is no defence. We are a civilised society… Rightly, prisoners have few rights but they are not zero. end quote.

Of course Swney was trying to defend Sroubek. Why else would he write this article? Even if Sroubek is cute and cuddly as everyone says, nothing alters the fact that he is a wife-beating drug dealer who uses fake identities. That is why he was in prison, and there is no defence for any of that. quote.

I served 12 months of my sentence for tax fraud in the same six-person residence as Karel Sroubek. I spent 17 hours a day with him so got to know him quite well.

There’s no doubt he has done some highly unsavoury things that no one can begin to defend but the person I saw was anything but a gangster (I know gangsters ? I saw plenty in prison and Karel wasn’t one). There’s also an irony in this as the reason he had to escape the Czech Republic in 2003 was because he testified against a gangster and his life was threatened. end quote.

Yet he went back… so that is the end of the myth that his life would be in danger if he ever returned home. quote.

He is classified as a low security prisoner. Hardly the status of a gangster. It’s not just low it is less than 50% of that qualifies him for any rehabilitation programs. He currently works at the Placemakers workshop within the prison walls but here’s the clincher ? he has fully embraced yoga as a life-skill and is now learning to teach it.

It may seem far-fetched but the man I saw was a yogi and not a gangster.

A Newspaper end quote.

It is most definitely far fetched. A drug dealing, wife beating yogi? I don’t think so. Yoga promotes peace and harmony, meditation and spirituality… not drug dealing and wife beating.

The Herald reached a new low with this article, published in November last year. It now has convicted fraudsters writing its columns. Swney is a fraudster who pleaded guilty to over $4 million of fraud, including $1.7 million of tax fraud. Bear that in mind when he comments about how re-entering the Pike River mine is the right thing to do. As far as I am concerned, tax fraudsters have no right to pontificate on how taxpayers’ money is spent.

Why exactly The Herald published a column written by a criminal defending a criminal is difficult to understand. Why is everyone telling us what a lovely guy Sroubek is? Why should we listen to a fraudster and tax evader’s opinion about anything? Why does Swney have the Prime minister’s phone number? There is an agenda here.

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In the meantime, Karel Sroubek is a lovely guy. We know this because Richie Hardcore and now Alex Swney have told us so. Although why we should listen to either of them, I simply do not know. There is more to this.