Corporate virtue signallers need to shut their overfed pie-holes

Caption: Gillette are the latest corporation to discover the harsh truth of “get woke, go broke”.

The left love to hate the fabled ‘one percent’ and babble about ‘corporations’. At the same time, the left worship one percenters who tell them what to think and how to vote, and swoon in ecstasy when corporations interfere in democracy.

Others are not so sanguine. Gillette, who have used their brand to push the barrow of leftist misandry and anti-white racism, are rapidly learning the truth of the saying, ?get woke, go broke?. They?re joining the queue of media and fast-food corporations who?ve learned the hard way that browbeating ordinary consumers with how deplorable they are is not a winning business strategy. Quote:

Just before Halloween, the U.S. streaming giant Hulu sent out a tweet: ?If you?re dressing up for #Huluween this year, this is your reminder to wear a costume that is culturally appropriate and respectful to others. Let?s celebrate the holiday in a way that we can all enjoy??Unsurprisingly, Hulu?s finger-wagging tweet pissed off a lot of people who wondered why a streaming service was suddenly sounding like a social justice warrior. Hulu deleted the tweet?

Professor Jordan Peterson has recently called this kind of corporate virtue-signaling an ?appalling sleight of hand? from executives making ?300 times the average worker.? But it?s not only insincere, it?s also dangerous?The dangers of this kind of corporate politicization became apparent in Australia last year after the government announced a plebiscite on the question of gay marriage. While a healthy debate took place in the political realm, many of the country?s biggest corporations, including Qantas, began to actively campaign for the ?yes? side. Qantas CEO Peter Joyce, who is openly gay, was one of the most outspoken. He ended up getting a pie in his face. End of quote.

Joyce is also a staggering hypocrite. At the same time as he?s pushing his little rainbow clown car down Oxford street, he?s doing megabuck business deals with viciously homophobic Islamic regimes who inflict corporal punishment on his fellow pillow-biters. Quote:

Sydney?s Catholic Archbishop, Anthony Fisher, was also concerned, warning that corporations getting political on social issues was threatening to democracy. ?In our polity, corporations enjoy various privileges such as legal personality and perpetuity, limitation of liability, corporate tax rates, protections of intellectual property and bankruptcy law et cetera, on the understanding that they will use those advantages for their well-understood commercial purposes, and not so as to become a Fifth Estate governing our democracy,? Fisher said. End of quote.

The elites simply assume that governing our democracy is their right, because of their superior virtue. The left-elite have appropriated the born-to-rule arrogance that was once the preserve of the landed gentry. Quote:

Jeremy Sammut…points out that the corporate virtue-signaling almost exclusively tends to favor the political tastes of the ?elites? over the ?ordinary? people, and that?s what makes it so dangerous. End of quote.

Plutocracy is just fine, so long as the left are doing it, apparently. Quote:

Thankfully, there is a way to keep corporations in check, which Sammut calls the Community Pluralism Principle. He suggests that company managers be forced by their shareholders to…quote economist Milton Friedman instead. ?The social responsibility of business,? he once said, ?is to increase its profits.? End of quote.