Cretin clerics honk their horns for social media Likes

Caption: One of these days, he’ll tilt his head so far left that it’ll fall off. Still, it’s not like he’s actually using it.

Hollywood celebrities seem to labour under the delusion that parrotting other peoples? words and faking a few emotions for the camera somehow magically transmogrifies them from mostly poorly-educated spoilt brats into all-wise sages. The priesthood has its dimwit celebrities with similar delusions of sagacity. Like the Hollywood ninnies, these collared cretins almost exclusively spout right-on leftist nostrums.

Take Rod ?Tilty McJesus? Bower, the lackwit Anglican god-botherer. This bulb is so dim that he fails to spot the problem with blatherskiting about human rights, while at the same time getting all huggy-bunny with the decidedly anti-human rights Qatari regime. Presumably, he conveniently neglected to hector his hosts about the wonders of gay marriage while he was collecting his bag of silver from them.

But then, Fr. Tilty?s fondness for a regime ranked as one of the ten most anti-Semitic in the world might explain his latest eructation. Quote:

Activist priest and Senate hopeful Rod Bower has been rebuked by Jewish groups for the ?offensive? and ?irresponsible? comparison of the processing of asylum-seekers on Manus Island and Nauru to the Holocaust. End of quote.

Of course, there?s no lefty clown-show without a doddering old communist. Quote:

The Rector of the Gosford Anglican Church used his now ?famous parish sign to offer support to another priest, Catholic Father Bob Maguire, who said pictures of refugees on the islands ?reminded? him of Nazi concentration camps.

Father Bower, who announced plans to run for the Senate last ?October, erected his own sign which read: ?Manus is how the Holocaust started.?

He added online: ?What we have done on Manus does not necessarily lead to the Holocaust but it is a necessary step on the path to that particular hell.? End of quote.

Nice try at back-tracking, Tilty, but Jews ain?t buying. Quote:

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff told The Australian the equivalence between the two was ??deeply hurtful?.

?Comparing the situation on Manus Island to the murder of six million Jews is historically inaccurate and undermines the enormity of the Holocaust,? he said.

?Irrespective of one?s position on the detention of asylum-seekers, such analogies are both ?grossly inappropriate and highly irresponsible, as well as being deeply hurtful to Holocaust survivors and the families of the victims.?

The Australian Jewish Association also condemned the sign?s wording, tweeting late on Monday: ?Grossly offensive to memory of the Holocaust.?

?The Holocaust was a systematic attempt on an industrial scale to exterminate an entire people,? it said.

?Whatever your views on offshore detention, it is nothing of the sort and to try to link one with the other is outrageous.? End of quote.

Nonetheless, ol? Tilty doubled down, and then showed off some more astonishing leaps of logic. Quote:

The popular social media priest then accused ?some members of the Jewish community? of ?supporting neo-Nazis?. End of quote.

Which makes about as much sense as anything else this cassock-wearing twit has ever blithered.

Update: Rodney Rainbow has finally, grudgingly caved, grumbling that he “I mentioned the Holocaust” and that his “attempt to explore this issue was clumsy”, as if it was all just an accidental slip of the tongue.