Crybabies of the week

Today’s cry babies are not Irish nor are they Gypsies or “travellers” as the New Zealand media have claimed them to be. In reality, they may well be what is referred to colloquially as Scousers which is a person from Liverpool. The term comes from a lamb stew called lobscouse which was popular among sailors at the seaports of Liverpool. Quote.

“We have to go home early because the New Zealand people are treating my family like shit. We paid a lot of money to come here for a family holiday.”

end quote

After reading accounts of what happened from both sides ( although not having viewed the video) I conclude that the Scousers protest too much and that they, in fact, were mainly the ones in the wrong.

It was when one of them was quoted as saying that they were a “respectable family” that my bullshit senses were alerted. If you have to say that you are something, then usually you aren’t. It is like claiming that Islam is a religion of peace after the latest Islam-related terror attack. quote.

[…] Two restaurants have weighed in against a group of unruly tourists, accusing them of refusing to pay for meals after complaining they found hair in their food.
Staff at Mr India and The Backyard Bar & Restaurant in Northcote said a group ordered hundreds of dollars worth of meals at their restaurants before refusing to pay because they claimed there was hair in the food. end quote.

So what did these crybabies have to say about their littering, abusive and threatening behaviour at Takapuna beach and refusing to pay for their food? quote.

[…] Johnson said it all kicked off when his eight-year-old nephew was “slapped” by another boy at the water’s edge while at the beach. After that, they claim they were abused, with people calling them “Irish scum” and had items thrown at them. Feeling intimidated, they left, inadvertently leaving their rubbish behind.

[…] “I will never come to New Zealand again. I was frightened for my kids at the beach.

[…] they […] denied fleeing restaurants without paying for their meals. end quote.

So are they guilty? Our first clue is that two restaurants complained. One restaurant could be a mistake; with two or more, there is serious cause for concern. So far these crybabies are not looking at all respectable.quote.

[…] Immigration NZ has confirmed the group have been issued a deportation notice.

People on temporary visas can be served deportation notices relating to character. end quote.

Hmmm, New Zealand won’t even deport our teen would-be Muslim terrorist in Christchurch or our actual female Muslim plane hijacker so these ‘Scousers’ must be really bad! ( sarcasm) qQuote.

“We’re here to see the Hobbits … I’ve been looking at the Hobbits my whole life, since I’m born, that was originally what our plans was but it’s all been f***** up now … I feel very unwelcome here. I feel like an alien invader, I don’t feel happy and I’m far from Irish.”

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