‘Deradicalisation’ is a useless scam

Caption: I wish this image was a satire or a Photoshop.

The Western political and cultural elite are in a constant state of denial about the grim threat of Islam.

Rather than admit that Islam is a brutal theocracy the aim of which is to force the world into submission, the elites blither ‘coexist’, as if putting a bumper sticker over our eyes is going to magically make the bad men with beards and knives just disappear.

Instead of actually combating the threat, the elite waste millions trying to mollify swivel-eyed fanatics intent on being ‘made victorious through terror’. ‘De-radicalisation programs’ are all the rage with multi-cult governments and elites are drunk on the heady nonsense that all cultures are not only compatible, but equally valuable. Yet despite the vast sums spent, is there any evidence that hugging jihadis magically makes them repent their violent fanaticism? Quote:

A man who planned to drive a van into 100 people in London was working with a government de-radicalisation programme at the time, a court has heard.

Islamic State (IS) supporter Lewis Ludlow pleaded guilty last August to planning the Oxford Street attack and raising money for terrorism.

But a sentencing hearing at the Old Bailey has now heard he was engaging with the Prevent programme at the time. End of quote.

Australian Muslim politician Anne Aly claims to be a ‘deradicalisation expert’, yet, despite being pushed on the issue often, she seems unable to name anyone whom she?s actually de-radicalised. She did once write a nice note that got the terrorism-related sentence of one of her charges reduced. Quote:

The first of several attempts to engage Ludlow with Prevent had come in 2008 after he had been found carrying a knife at college, the court heard.

Ludlow, an associate of the convicted terrorist Anjem Choudhary, consistently refused to engage until late 2017 and early 2018 when he met an assigned mentor 16 times.

Prosecutor Mark Heywood QC said an undercover police officer had observed Ludlow telling a contact: “I have been exaggerating my depression and they think I’m stupid. I’m naive but not stupid or mad.”

In messages with the contact, recovered by police, Ludlow wrote: “I resisted the same programme twice in the past.”

The woman had advised him to “be polite with them,” adding: “Even if u dont believe it, fake it.”

Ludlow, by then under intensive surveillance, replied: “Yes.” End of quote.

This is the reality of the addle-brained notion that the West can somehow ‘engage’ with Islamic fanatics who are not only determined to destroy it, but who are licensed by their faith to lie through their teeth. Quote:

The government’s controversial Prevent strategy is intended to stop people becoming involved in extremism or terrorist activity?Ahmed Hassan, the Parsons Green bomber, is one of several extremists who have notionally engaged with Prevent, while carrying on regardless.

The details of Ludlow’s meetings with his Prevent mentor are confidential and were not set out in court.

However, it’s understood that some involved in his case thought he was engaged in a sincere attempt at change.

Those who were already investigating him had a different view. End of quote.


And there it is in a nutshell: you can either keep deluding yourself that we can ‘coexist’ with people who just want to destroy us, or you can actually combat terrorism.