Does NZ need a Shorten government?

Australia?s Coalition government has demonstrated twice now that they are eminently capable of stemming the tide of people-smuggling boats to Australia. When the Howard government left office, there was just one person in immigration detention. Abbott?s Operation Sovereign Borders has again stopped boats arriving on Australia?s shores.

But Australia?s success is New Zealand?s threat. Quote:

The Kerala police received information that [a] boat carrying 230 people suspected of human trafficking has moved to Indonesian coast. It is learned that the boat which sailed to New Zealand changed its destination due to shortage of food and fuel. End of quote.

There are some advantages to being a long way from anywhere. The Tyranny of Distance was a logistical nightmare in the path of Imperial Japan?s plans to conquer the Antipodes. Australia?s illegal immigrant problem would be immeasurably worse if, like the US, we shared a land border with developing nations.

New Zealand has enjoyed the fortune of being even more isolated from such problems than Australia. Australia is in fact a buffer for New Zealand. It was simply easier for boats to make the short trip from Indonesia to Australian waters ? in fact, at the height of the boat crisis, boats were being ?rescued? by the Royal Australian Navy just a score of miles off Indonesia?s coast ? than make the long voyage through the Arafura sea and across the Tasman to New Zealand. Quote:

The boat which sailed from Munambam coast has crossed India’s maritime boundary line, said reports.

The boat from Kochi has to cross 11,470 kilometres on sea to arrive at New Zealand. And that will take 47 days to reach their destination.

Police assume that the boat is moving close to Indonesian coast as it is dif?cult to sail 47 days of journey without halting the boat. End of quote.

But, with the closing of Australian borders, and with the Ardern government?s open signalling, people smugglers are chancing the long trip. Several boats have been intercepted en route to New Zealand already. Quote:

There are genuine fears within intelligence communities that the direction of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who?has been highly-critical of Australia?s policy may be used by people smugglers to encourage desperate people to risk their lives at sea.

The Courier-Mail understands that ?chatter? has resumed among people smugglers who have pointed to the stand-off between Australia and NZ. End of quote.

These aren?t Jacinda?s poor, suffering ‘refugees’, either. These are economic migrants, engaging well-organised international criminal syndicates. Quote:

People including natives from Ambedkar colony in Delhi, Chennai and Sri Lankan refugees are in the boat?In order to carry out further investigation on the suspected human trafficking, the Kerala police decided to seek assistance of international probe agencies. The move was made as police suspect international links in the case. End of quote.

As reported recently, on Whaleoil, Indonesia?s people smugglers are keeping a close eye on Australian politics, ready to pounce the instant another Labor government is elected. If, by some miracle, Australia is spared that terrible fate, you can bet they?ll keep trying for New Zealand.