Emboldened Labor liars ready to lie again

Caption: PM Scott Morisson calls out Labor’s Mediscare lies.

?Mediscare? was one of the most astonishing exercises in blatant lying in recent Australian politics. Labor ran hard on the big, scary story that the Coalition was going to privatise Medicare. It was, of course, a lie from start to finish.

It was appalling enough ? although understandable at least, given their open political bias ? that most of the legacy media happily let Labor get away with a campaign of brazen lies. What was truly astonishing, though, was how pathetic was Turnbull?s response. Instead of hammering Labor?s lies, Turnbull ran a candy-assed ?positive? campaign. The Coalition went from a landslide to near-defeat.

Scott Morrison doesn?t appear to be about to make the same mistake. Quote:

Scott Morrison has launched a pre-emptive strike against a union-led Mediscare 2.0 campaign, saying claims Medicare and Centrelink services had been privatised were ?rubbish?.

Attempting to get on the front foot after Labor?s effective Medi?scare campaign in 2016, which then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull blamed for a worse-than-expected election result, the Prime Minister attacked unions for ?promoting? Bill Shorten and using members? money to push the ALP?s agenda. End of quote.

This is the main reason I cancelled my union membership: too little effort put into supporting rank-and-file members, but endless resources thrown into politicking for the ALP. Quote:

After being read a new campaign on radio 4CA Cairns from the Community and Public Sector Union, which wanted voters to be aware Medicare and Centrelink services and jobs were ?under threat from privatisation and ?labour hire?, Mr Morrison said: ?What a load of rubbish. These are unions using union members? fees to promote Bill Shorten ? These union officials are using your union dues to go around pushing the Labor Party agenda.? End of quote.


At the height of the Mediscare campaign, the ALP candidate in my electorate posted on Facebook Labor?s main talking-point, that the Coalition had established a ?Medicare privatisation taskforce?. I commented that I had searched Hansard for the past few years, and that that term came up nowhere, and could he please tell me where the evidence of this taskforce was?

He never responded. But he did get elected.

The ridiculous ease with which the whole Labor party got away with a campaign of barefaced lies has emboldened them to do it again.