‘Expert’ activists want to tax your red meat

I may be blonde but even I know that taxing me won’t save the planet.

The Stuff headline screams “Expert panel calls for tax on red meat to help save the planet.” quote.

First it was sugary drinks???now experts are calling for red meat to be taxed.?
A report by?The Lancet Commission on Obesity,?released on Monday,?said a tax on red meat was an example of the urgent action?needed to address?the greatest threats “to human and planetary health

end quote.

Tax does many things but what it has NEVER ever done in the history of the entire world is save the planet. Pouring money into the government coffers improves the government’s bottom line but it does not change the climate one iota and we all know that.

Even the so-called expert activists know that but it doesn’t stop them saying ridiculous things. quote.

a red meat tax would help tackle global pandemics of obesity, under-nutrition and climate change.?


Have you ever seen such hyperbole? They are calling it a “pandemic” for goodness sake. Even funnier they are claiming that we have people who are too thin with under-nutrition at the same time as there is a “pandemic” of obesity and BOTH are being blamed on red meat and a TAX will make all the difference!

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A tax on red meat will fix both under-nutrition and obesity…oh and save the planet from Man made climate change

If you would like to buy some restaurant quality, non-halal, delivered to your door, delicious red meat, before the tax hits you know which company to call.

The Whale Meat Company.

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Mmm tax free