Face of the day

Rachel Stewart says we better get talking and listening to each other – and fast. Photo / Mark Mitchell

[…] I am rebranding as the only columnist any rational person will ever want.
Yes, that’s right. In a world short on time and long on empty words, no more will you feel the need to read your regular partisan hack, who is rabbiting their reckonings with about as much relevance as Kodak.
Why? Because I will be the greatest revolutionary. The supreme radical. The most rebellious. To achieve this, in the age of extreme political polarisation, I only have to do one thing – but do it well. Be the voice of reason.

[…] because the far-left tends to despise me as much as the far-right, I feel uniquely placed to be that voice of reason.

[…] I possess a large measure of pure disconnection. I truly don’t care about the latest political scandal, or who’s sleeping with who. It’s ultimately meaningless to anyone but the protagonists.

What I don’t take a helicopter view of, is watching the polarisation between people turn into a gaping, yawning chasm of hatred and enmity – the perfect breeding ground for massive societal breakdown. And bloodshed.

The ever-present emotional danger of even attempting to have a conversation about something that is important to us, with those who see it entirely differently, means we are choosing demonisation and abuse over logic and fairness. Far easier to retreat into our tribes, and throw Stone Age rocks from the entrance of our respective caves.

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