Faces of the day

Believe it or not this is a photo from the offical Swedish police FB page

The police in Huddinge have posted a couple of pictures on their official Facebook page of a number of police in pink skirts with beer bottles in their hands.?The photos were taken during a staff party but have caused public criticism.

Before you dismiss it as a harmless bit of fun please consider these points.

  • It was on the official Facebook page
  • Sweden is experiencing regular bombings, grenade attacks and terrorism
  • Rapes in Sweden from 1975 – 2018 have increased by a whopping 1666%
  • 3 420 reported rapes against children aged 0 – 17 years old in 2018 – That’s a 13% increase from the year before.
  • Sweden per capita: Has the most fatal shootings in Scandinavia.
  • Has the most rapes in Europe.
  • Has the most hand grenade attacks in the world (among non-war zones).
If you were a young Swedish woman would this offical photo inspire confidence in your police force?