Fraser Anning forms Conservative Nationals party

Caption: Will Fraser Anning’s new political party fly?

The conservative vote in Australia is fracturing. In the blue corner, the Liberal party has abandoned its classical liberal roots which made it a ?broad church? that was the home of Australian conservatism for decades. Instead, it has drifted steadily to the left, reaching its disastrous nadir under King Watermelon, Malcolm Turnbull. In the red corner, the Labor party has likewise abandoned its base, the blue-collar conservatives of the working classes, to also chase the globalist fantasies of the same type of university-educated urban professionals as make up its entire parliamentary body.

The result is shaping up to be a split as disastrous as the 1950s split over communism, when blue-collar Catholics walked away from the Labor party, and left it to decades in opposition.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is trying to repair the damage of the Turnbull years, but the detritus of marshmallow leftists who made up his court continue to snipe and harry, chipping away at any chance of recovery before the next election. Conservative MPs are going rogue, and, like Cory Bernardi, forming a ragtag bunch of splinter parties.

Bernardi formed his Australian Conservatives. Now, Senator Fraser Anning is forming a micro party of his own. Quote:

Controversial Queensland senator Fraser Anning is forming a new party called the Conservative Nationals.

The former One Nation member, who received just 19 first preference votes at the 2016 election, has applied to register his party with the Australian Electoral Commission.

The full name of the proposed party is Fraser Anning?s Conservative National Party, which would be abbreviated to the Conservative Nationals. End of quote.

Anning was on a hiding to nothing, before last week. Even he admitted that he was unlikely to be re-elected. The circus around Pauline Hanson in 1997 propelled her into the spotlight, where she has remained ever since. Now, the hysterical over-reaction to Anning?s appearance at a rally in Melbourne to protest African gang crime may well have saved his political career. Quote:

Senator Anning was widely criticised on the weekend ? including by Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten ? for billing taxpayers nearly $3000 to attend a rally with far-right extremists.

Senator Anning, who has called for a ?final solution? to immigration problems, stood alongside convicted criminal and Nazi sympathiser Blair Cotterall to protest against Sudanese immigration.

He was kicked out of Bob Katter?s Australia Party in December for his inflammatory rhetoric on race, including advocating a ban on Muslim immigration. End of quote.


Note the weasel-words and character-assassination. If criminal convictions are relevant, why no mention of the fact that a convicted rampage killer was among the left-wing counter-protesters? The claims are false, too: the protest wasn?t against ?Sudanese immigration?, but mass immigration and African gang crime ? in which Sudanese are vastly over-represented.

Note, too, the usual false conflation of Islam (a religion) with race.

These are the sort of endless mainstream media lies and distortions that the public are waking up to, and which will ? for better or worse ? elevate Anning?s status among disaffected Australian voters sick of being hectored by urban elites in politics and media.

Depending on your viewpoint, the proliferation of micro parties is either a travesty, or saving democracy from the tyranny of a two-party system. Either way, it remains to be seen whether Bernardi or Anning become a viable political force, or just split desperately-needed votes from the Coalition.