Get ready to pay, comrades: No plastic bags for you!

Stuff and nonsense reports on the latest government brainfart. $100K fines for plastic bags. quote.

Quote:[?]The Government announced in August plans to phase out single-use plastic shopping bags, later opting for a ban after feedback that included 9000 submissions.End of quote.

Is that all it takes to get something banned? Yet if you want something unbanned you have to hold a nation wide referendum.

Quote:Ministry for the Environment documents confirm rule-breakers could be fined up to $100,000, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

A spokeswoman said they were “working to get the word out” in time and would work with retailers first. Court action would be a last resort, she said.End of quote.

Translation: Do as we say or else.

It is of interest to note that the fine for reckless use of a firearm is a maximum of $3000. So we have a government that thinks that reckless selling of plastic bags is significantly worse than the reckless use of a firearm! quote.

Quote:The ban will apply to all new bags with plastic up to 70 microns in thick and handles, including light-weight plastic bags, heavier boutique-style bags and the “emergency” alternative bags offered by some supermarkets.  It will extend to those made of “degradable” plastic.End of quote.

The one thing I keep saying about the plastic bag ban is that the useful idiots who supported it didn?t think it through.

Want to get some groceries? How many cloth bags are you going to need? Don?t take enough and you?re forking out for another cloth bag you may not even use again. Forget about those thicker plastic bags. They?re going to be banned too! quote.

Quote:Bags Not founder Nick Morrison said fines were the right way to enforce the ban as an incentive was needed.End of quote.

GFY you prick. quote.

Quote:[?]?I?d lean towards giving people a warning first, working with businesses instead of just giving them a slap on the hand.”End of quote.

Oh, what a nice guy. Again, GFY you prick. quote.

Quote:[?]Kathmandu spokeswoman Helen McCombie said all of the company’s outdoor gear shops used only bags made from recycled paper.

We got rid of plastic bags a couple of years ago.”

Annabel Turley, who owns three Unichem Pharmacy outlets in Christchurch, said they were having new paper bags designed but “we don’t use many plastic bags now, except for bigger purchases”.End of quote.

That?s because they can absorb the extra cost by turning it into a selling point. What?s the corner dairy supposed to do? Paint the outside green? quote.

Quote:[?]Retail New Zealand’s Greg Harford said some businesses would just stop providing bags altogether. Those shifting to paper would incur increased costs as it was “significantly more expensive to produce and print than plastic”.End of quote.

So soon if you want to buy a two oranges and an apple from the fruit shop, tough. That?s an extra 20 cents for the paper bag thank you verrry much! quote.

Quote:[?]Implementation guidelines for businesses to remove bags will be out in March and April. The Ministry will monitor and receive reports of non-compliance, and cover the costs of education and enforcement.End of quote.

That?s right comrades. Conform or its re-education training camp for you! quote.

Quote:[…]In Mumbai, India, authorities have criminalised the use of plastic bags with fines of up to 25,000 rupees ($520 NZD) and jail sentences for repeat offenders. In 2003, South Africa introduced fines of 100,000 rand ($10,790 NZD) or a 10-year jail term. In 2017, Kenya topped that with a fine of about $59,557 NZD.End of quote.

Fining shops if they use plastic bags is one degree of separation away from fining and criminalising you and me if we use plastic bags. Imagine it. “Yes your Honour, the Defendant was caught with two Class A plastic bags”.

The playbook is nothing new. Find something you want banned. Target it, personalise it, demonise it. Exploit the media (photos of turtles next to a plastic bag are good). Then once you?ve done all that criminalise the users. After all, if something is bad then so must be those that use it, right?