Give ’em enough rope and they’ll still call Australia home

Caption: ‘Aid worker’ Ahmed Merhi, doing aid work.

Hundreds of notional Australians showed where their true loyalties lay by fleeing the country that gifted them safety and prosperity and instead pledging themselves to an Islamic State of unparalleled depravity. Their new home quickly became a byword for mediaeval cruelty, religious fanaticism and mass rape and slaughter.

None of them evinced the slightest wish to return to Australia. Indeed, many of them openly tried to export the barbarity they so evidently preferred to their former country. IS devotees assiduously recruited for the monstrous Caliphate they now called home, and encouraged fellow-minded fanatics in Australia to perpetrate the bloodshed for which they were so notorious.

Only, now that their Islamic paradise of bloodshed and slavery has been blown off the map, suddenly they still call Australia home. Quote:

Sydney terrorist Ahmed Merhi has begged Australia to help him after he was sentenced to death by hanging in Iraq.

Merhi, 27, was convicted for being a member of Islamic State in the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad.

The former Granville Boys High School student, from Sydney’s west, travelled to Syria in 2014 or 2015?’I’d like to go back to Australia,’ he said. End of quote.

And Australia would like him to stay right where he is, and suck it up. Quote:

The Australian Government is not expected to take steps to assist Merhi, a high profile Australian Islamic State supporter.

He previously shared numerous photos to his social media accounts displaying weaponry and dressed in military uniform. End of quote.

It was all sex slaves, beheadings and other jihadi fun and games while it lasted. Quote:

Merhi was arrested by Kurdish soldiers in December 2017 when he was trying to escape to Turkey.

He was given to American troops who took him across the boarder and passed him on to Iraqi authorities.

Merhi, who lost a leg in an air strike in 2016, complained about torture at the hands of Iraqi counter-terrorism officials but a medical examination found no marks of torture. End of quote.

Merhi claims he went there to do ?aid work?. Apparently, ?aid work? means aiding terrorists back in the country he rejected. Quote:

Merhi was arrested alongside his cousin Tarek Khayat who is accused by Lebanese and Australian authorities of plotting to bring down an Etihad Airways flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

Khayat, 46, admitted to being a financial officer for the terror group Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria, and was ordered to face death by hanging.

Australian police allege Merhi was involved with extremists in Australia who were involved in a number of terror plots.

This included the murder of police accountant Curtis Cheng who was shot dead after he left work in Parramatta, Sydney, by a 15-year-old. End of quote.


If the Australian government won?t help, perhaps his former compatriots could pitch in? You can pick up 12′ of nice rope for just a few bucks at Bunnings.