Golriz attacks lesbians

Green party list MP Golriz Ghahraman

I have said this before, but homosexuals are simply too mainstream these days. We work with them. They live next door to us. No one bats an eyelid at receiving a wedding invitation for a gay couple. Even two women in wedding dresses does not faze us any more. Now that gay people have become a regular part of our society, they are suffering the same fate as heterosexual people. They are no longer special, no longer marginalised, and that means that they can be attacked… by New Zealand politicians. Ani O’Brien writes at Afterellen: quote.

The gender identity politics rule-book seems to be under constant revision. Not only does that make it difficult for allies to know how to support the trans community, but it also makes it hard for women, and in particular lesbians, to keep track. We are being defined out of existence and this week I experienced what happens when a lesbian says ?no?.
In response to a coercive tweet aimed at lesbians I wrote, ?I?d never date a transwoman. I?m a lesbian. I?m same-sex attracted,? This shouldn?t be controversial. It shouldn?t be difficult for people to understand. However, by asserting my boundaries, as a lesbian, I outraged a local Trans Rights Activist, Bex, and they wasted no time telling their Twitter followers.
It was ugly. But for lesbians, it?s become routine. Our existence offends ?activists? regularly.

However, when Golriz Ghahraman, a New Zealand Member of Parliament and Green Party Spokesperson for Human Rights, waded into the attack, she effectively sanctioned the homophobic rant. I really woke up. I realized that our people in power, our institutions, our government, have all been guzzling the Kool-Aid.
end quote.


Hang on. Isn’t Golriz the poster child for the marginalised and oppressed? Why does she hate lesbians? quote.

The next day, the situation became much more concerning when Bex tweeted the following: ?according to someone who just retweeted my photo, being racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic is not an issue, it?s simply setting boundaries.? Ghahraman, NZ parliament member and Green Party Human Rights spokesperson, tweeted an enthusiastically supportive reply, and by doing so, Ghahraman invalidating the real concerns of lesbians.
?Yeah until those boundaries mean almost 1/3 of our Rainbow community young people are made homeless when they can?t come out to their families?.just boundaries tho,? Ghahraman wrote.

A member of New Zealand?s Parliament blamed homelessness on lesbians? For expressing and taking pride in our innate same-sex attraction. end quote.

Good old Golriz. She never fails to disappoint. Does anyone remember the days when politicians kept their opinions on such matters to themselves, and got on with the business of running the country? Golriz clearly does not have enough to do. quote.

The conversation carried on between the two. Bex wrote, ?Just boundaries. A woman said that. I don?t get how people can be so keen to keep marginalized people down. I guess because they then themselves will have to make an effort, not just thrive purely because they?re mediocre and white.?
To which Ghahraman responded, ?of course they?re always the first ones to get offended if any of those boundaries are prejudice against them?say if anyone points out privilege. That?s unforgivable?
The ?effort? Bex is demanding from lesbians, is the ?effort? to set aside same-sex attraction and ?allow? themselves to be coercively raped. end quote

Don’t worry, Ani. I’m sure she didn’t mean that. No one in New Zealand has a clue what Golriz is talking about either. I doubt if she knows herself. quote.

MP Ghahraman is a Human Rights Lawyer. She?s worked for the UN and is on the boards of  Action for Children & Youth Aotearoa (NZ), NZ Criminal Bar Association, NZ Centre for Human Rights Law & Policy and Super Diverse Women (Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business).
Clearly, the human rights of lesbians have been compromised. Lesbians are actively being abused. But when an MP is involved in those attacks and is on the board of the NZ Centre for Human Rights Law, it?s much harder to get people to listen. end quote.

What is strange is that Golriz does this at a time when homophobic comments are still considered unacceptable. Just think about how some homophobic remarks from 10 years ago have damaged Kevin Hart’s career. Also Kevin Spacey. It is not okay to make homophobic remarks… except if you are defending trans people. quote.

The systemic abuse of lesbians by New Zealand government officials is disturbing. Lately, the persecution of lesbians in NZ has increased. Earlier in December, MP Ghahraman Twitter-shamed internationally respected NZ lesbian activist Charlie Montague.

Ghahraman was offended that Montague?s list of NZ women killed by men were women. MP Ghahraman wanted trans women included on Montague?s list. One trans woman has been murdered in NZ in the last decade. Instead of applauding Montague for calling attention to violence against women, Ghahraman publicly chastised yet another lesbian. end quote.

Golriz is a disgrace. As a politician, she should not be treating minority groups like some sort of food pyramid, with the most marginalised at the top and the not-quite-so marginalised at the bottom. She should be representing all New Zealanders equally. She is nothing more than a nutcase activist who rages from one cause to the next, without a clue about what she stands for. All she really stands for is disruption. That is all she knows.

Golriz is not fit to be a politician. Any politician who says ‘no human right is absolute’ should not be representing anyone. When that politician is supposedly a human rights lawyer, the stupidity is breathtaking. Golriz is dangerous. So, by default, is the entire Green party.