Greens: double standards are the only ones they’ve got

Caption: Greens candidate Jason Ball gets fair treatement. Other Greens aren’t so lucky. Picture: David Geraghty.

The last few months have been a smorgasbord of comedy gold as the Greens careen from one scandal to the next. Much of the entertainment is pure schadenfreude, as the puritanical party of the moralistic middle classes steps on one sleazy rake after another. The Greens? sex?n?drugs?n?sleaze woes have also exposed the vicious double-standards.

The Greens faint and shriek about ‘misogyny’ if anyone dares so much as throw a stern look at the execrable Sarah Hanson-Young, yet their own candidates publish vainglorious raps about drugging, molesting and beating women. They fulminate about political donations, even as they trouser some of the most jaw-dropping donations in Australian political history.

The Greens are hypocrites through-and-through. Their sex scandal of the week exposes them beyond all doubt. Quote:

Greens leader Richard Di Natale?s decision to back high-profile candidate Jason Ball in the face of ?unsubstantiated sexual harassment allegations has infuriated NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham, who was forced out of the party despite being cleared by an independent investigation of sexual mis?conduct.

Mr Buckingham, who quit the party late last year and plans to stand as an independent candidate at the NSW state election, said the Greens had treated Mr Ball fairly and accused Senator Di Natale of ?pathetic hypocrisy? for sacrificing his own political career to appease a ?hard-left lynch mob?. End of quote.

While the allegations against Buckingham were serious, they remain just that ? allegations. Buckingham was denied even the pretense of procedural fairness over untested allegations made under parliamentary privilege, thus denying him any recourse. His treatment had nothing to do with principal: they were a Stalinist power-play by the Greens? ever-more powerful far-left.

After all, when a watermelon leftist Green faces the same accusations ? coincidentally, not made from behind the coward?s skirt of parliamentary privilege ? it?s a different story. End of quote.

?On the other hand, he afforded Jason Ball, quite appropriately, those principles of procedural fairness, natural justice and innocence until proven guilty.?

Senator Di Natale rejected the comparison, saying the circumstances surrounding the alle?gations against Mr Ball and Mr Buckingham were not alike.

?These are two very different situations,? a spokesman for Senator Di Natale said.

?There was no complaint lodged against Jason.? End of quote.

Di Natale is lying. Sexual harassment allegations were made and the party launched an internal investigation. Quote:

The allegations made by a Greens volunteer who worked on Mr Ball?s campaign for Higgins in 2016 related to a consensual sexual encounter between the pair in the toilets of a gay nightclub after a Greens function. The potentially career-ending allegations ? that Mr Ball plied the volunteer with alcohol and misused his position to pressure him to have sex ? were found to be unsubstantiated. End of quote.

This isn?t about prurient moralising. It?s a bit tawdry, maybe, but I don?t care if a bloke privately goes fudge-packing with another bloke in the dunny of a nightclub. None of my business, or yours. Andrew Bolt is right to accuse the Greens of being ?irresponsible children?, when their MPs and candidates boast about shoplifting and multi-decade drug abuse, but someone?s private sex life, so long as it?s legal, is irrelevant.

What is relevant, though, is the rank hypocrisy and Stalinist secrecy of the party. The only standard the Greens have is power.