Greens jump on yet another middle class moral panic

Caption: The Green party’s national conference.

Nothing vexes the Greens? imaginations so much as middle-class moral panics. After all, the Greens are the most bourgeois party in Australian politics: their members, representatives and voters are almost exclusively drawn from the wealthy, white collar, university-educated elite. The Greens are also decidedly pale.

So it?s only natural that when yet another non-issue grabs the feeble attentions of the Guardian-reading elites, the Greens are all over it like a rash. But it turns out that the reason they’re so concerned about pill-testing is because they want to know if their own drugs are legit. Quote:

A NSW Green?s MP has openly admitted she had a history of illicit drug use in a bid to shed light and honesty on the debate around the use of recreational drugs in Australia. End of quote.

‘Pill testing’, the middle-class elite?s moral panic of the week, is a typical ‘progressive’ moral panic: devoid of facts, reason and proportionality. These spoiled children work themselves into a frenzy over an issue of their own making, which hardly affects anyone except a handful of their own, all the while staying absolutely silent on truly wicked problems. Quote:

In an opinion piece written in Nine?s Sydney Morning Herald, Greens MP Cate Faehrmann said it was ?time to get real about pill testing? after she admitted she had taken MDMA in her 20s and occasionally through her 30s and 40s.

?I remember vividly the first time I took MDMA ? We danced all night to house music, talked nonsense with strangers, deep and meaningfully with each other. A month or so later we did it again. And again,? Ms Faehrmann, 48, wrote in the Herald. End of quote.

She seems to be describing the Greens? annual party conference?if she can remember it through her ecky-induced fog, that is. She also joins the ranks of Green MPs who have been pinged for drug use, theft, sexual harassment and worse. Boy, this party of finger-wagging moralists has some skeletons in its closet.

She certainly hangs out with a sketchy crowd. Quote:

?I know journalists, tradies, lawyers, public servants, doctors, police and yes, politicians (most well into their forties), who have done the same.?

Her comments come after hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Sydney on Saturday to demand changes to the Premier?s hard stance on drugs and pill testing which she said gave drug users ?a false sense of security?. End of quote.

But who is this ‘issue’ affecting, really? And how badly? Quote:

There have now been five drug related deaths at music festivals in NSW since September. 19- year-old Alex Ross-King from the Central Coast was the latest young person to die at a FOMO music festival and her family has since called Ms Berejiklian to consider pill testing. End of quote.


So, a bare handful of middle-class kids go to festivals, choose to get fucked up on sketchy pills they buy from criminals, and somehow that?s the great moral crusade the Greens jump on?

Meanwhile, Aboriginal children are committing suicide at a truly shocking rate. Aboriginal women are 34 times more likely than the rest of the community to be hospitalised from domestic violence. Aboriginal children suffer appalling rates of sexual abuse and sexually-transmitted disease. Child marriage and female genital mutilation are an open secret in Muslim communities. Anti-Semitism is a growing threat in Australia, as it is throughout the western world.

The Greens are completely silent about all that. But the gummint has to do something about pill-heads who come a cropper because of their own stupid choices.