Grieving ‘burnout’ Mum asks for video to be shared to make her sons famous

Juanita Hickey, aka Jay Rose, Facebook, 27 Nov 2018

People grieve in different ways. I have no idea what it must feel like to lose two sons in such a devastating way as Juanita Hickey has. Clearly they live in a different world to many Whaleoil readers, so what might seem completely abhorrent and abnormal to us may feel perfectly natural and normal for them.

I would imagine that to many people the thought of doing a tribute burnout, to honour the memory of your two sons who died as a result of dangerous driving in a stolen car after failing to stop for police, might seem like a pretty weird way of celebrating their lives. Particularly since they are reported to have been doing burnouts in the stolen car behind Mum’s house not long before their last ill-fated journey.

But to make matters worse, the boys’ Mum, Juanita Hickey, who also goes by the name of Jay Rose, has posted a video on YouTube of the burnout she so lovingly did in honour of her kids. Her post on Facebook shows the video with a link and the caption… quote.

My boys always wanted to be famous, (not infamous) but this is the closet I can give them. PLEASE SHARE SHARE SHARE!! End quote.


With only 617 views at the time of writing, her attempts to make her kids famous are just in their infancy but; give it time, she is doing everything she can. At least she accepts that the boys ‘in a split second, made a poor decision’.

Facebook screenshot.

One thing I was pondering was what the Police might do about this. Last year they prosecuted a man from Christchurch in relation to a video that he posted on Facebook showing him driving dangerously. That man appeared in court recently and was disqualified from driving for eight months and fined $1,150.

So will the police look the other way just because this was a grieving mother? Certainly there is enough in the video to cover all the aspects they would need for a prosecution. The date is known, the car registration number is visible and Juanita has admitted it was her driving; she can be seen reasonably clearly, exiting the car and throwing a fist to the sky. It would seem unusual if they feel it is appropriate to prosecute the motorcycle rider but not her.

However I would imagine they will not start an investigation unless someone makes an official complaint as happened in the bike rider’s scenario. Perhaps, with the father going public blaming the police for his kids’ deaths, they are too scared to stir the pot?

Or perhaps that might be the catalyst for them to do something about what was clearly a dangerous bit of driving. There were a lot of people standing around, some very close to the spinning tyres etc. Personally, I am just glad that no one else was injured, the tyre blowing out at 1.56 on the video shows just how these things can go wrong. There will have been multiple bits of steel and rubber flying at the bystanders at very high speed when this occurred. The likelihood of a further tragedy occurring there was reasonably high.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am as much in favour of a good burnout as the next bogan, but there is a time and a place, and my personal opinion is that, on the street, in these circumstances, this was just another nail in her kids’ coffins.


Just prior to publication of this post, Christchurch police announced that they will indeed be looking to speak with Juanita Hickey in relation to her burnout.

They are also asking for information in relation to the red vehicle below, seen in the vicinity of the crash on Jan 13th. I imagine they won’t have to go too far to find the driver. No details have as yet been given as to why they might like to speak with them.