Grooming in schools intensifies

Caption: Grade 3 class photo was ruined when one child showed an ankle. Rumour says it was a boy.

The left?s determination to foist their weirdo, Marxist obessions on our children grows ever more blatant and strident. The architect of the notorious ?Safe Schools? program openly boasted that she was there to ?teach them how to be gay and communist?. In their determination to overthrow capitalist society, these creepy activists are unflinchingly resolved to indoctrinate children with their twin obsessions: Marxist Queer Theory and Islam. (Although, on its face, advocating both Queer Theory and the decidedly anti-queer Islam might seem contradictory, until you realise that the sole object is to tear down the West by any means necessary.)

If you thought ?Safe Schools? was bad, ?Respectful Relationships? is even creepier. Don?t let the Maoist slogan fool you: this has nothing to do with actual respectful relationships, and everything to do with indoctrination so sleazy and persistent that it verges on grooming. After all, this is a program that had schoolchildren writing sex personals.

It gets worse. Quote:

Boys and girls in year three will be encouraged to explore different gender roles in class and wear ethnic clothing as part of a controversial new program.

The fresh syllabus, which has the backing of the McGowan Government in Western Australia, will be introduced to a handful of Perth schools from term one in February. End of quote.

Just what ?ethnic clothing? are we talking about, exactly? Dirndl skirts and lederhosen? Kippas and clogs? Or something far more sinister? Quote:

Students will be provided with a range of dress ups and toys and will also learn about different kinds of ethnic dress such as burkas, traditionally worn by women of Islamic faith.

The primary aim of the course, previously introduced to over a dozen Victorian schools in 2018, is to break down gender stereotypes. End of quote.

Because nothing breaks down gender stereotypes than smothering girls in black sacks. But the coy reference to ?gender stereotypes? is a thin attempt to cloak the other agenda of this grooming program: convincing kids as young as seven that they?re ?trans?, by forcing them to wear girls? clothes. Quote:

Peter Abetz, from the Australian Christian Lobby, expressed his concerns on 9News Perth.

‘It will indoctrinate children with the idea that they than choose to be a boy or a girl,’ he said.

‘Why do boys need to get dressed up in girls clothing? Let’s get real about education.’ End of quote.

Who cares if Johnny can?t read, just so long as he knows how to tuck his penis and go on puberty blockers?