Gubmint money buys cowboys – who knew?

There?s no surer way to attract a buzzing cloud of grifters and shysters than by putting out a big pile of taxpayers? money with a ?Free!? sign on it. But, just as collapsed economies and starving populations never deter socialists from insisting that this time they?ll get it right, governments ? usually left-wing ? keep on repeating the same mistakes.

From the state-owned Tricontinental Investment Bank in the 1980s to Kevin Rudd?s grandiose Keynesian follies in the late 2000s, Australian political history is littered with Labor governments who, Wile E. Coyote-like, put out free bird seed, and were astonished when the lot disappeared without trace. It?s little better across the ditch, with Kiwibuild and its ilk. Quote:

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has written to his state counterparts to warn that lives could be at risk from unsafe or sub-standard solar panel installations, with a national audit report finding up to one-quarter of all rooftop units ?inspected posed a severe or high risk.

The national audit of the ?Renewable Energy Target has ?revealed that between 21 and 26 per cent of small-scale rooftop solar installations inspected every year since 2011 had been found to have faulty wiring and unsecured ?panels. Some posed a ?severe risk? where wiring was exposed. This required units to be shut down immediately and remediated.

A total of 35 licensed installation contractors have been warned they face the possibility of suspension. Mr Taylor last week wrote to state and territory energy ministers, who have responsibility for the electrical safety of instal?lations, warning that lives could be at risk if measures were not taken to address dodgy ?installers. End of quote.

When the Rudd government rolled out its big-spending Home Insulation Scheme, the whiff of free government money and an open marketplace attracted cowboys like flies to the proverbial. Good businesses were run out of the market, houses caught fire, and, worst, four workers paid with their lives.

A decade on, and little has been learned. Chicken Little governments worshipping at the altar of Gaia are still funnelling money into dodgy ?renewables?. Quote:

In his letter, Mr Taylor noted the growth in uptake of rooftop solar was 20 per cent a year, with capacity growing at 50 per cent a year. ?This level of growth will bring many new electricians to the ?industry and potentially a large number of inexperienced workers, and may also attract lower quality suppliers and unscrupulous operators,? he said.

?This may give rise to consumer issues and pose risks to worker safety during installation, and electrical and building safety ?following installation.

?I encourage you to consider the potential risks associated with the rapid growth of rooftop solar PV in your jurisdiction, and to take appropriate action to ensure safety and consumer risks are ?appropriately managed.?

The CER?is understood to be preparing reports to alert workplace safety regulators and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission about its concerns.

The Australian National Audit Office yesterday recommended that the regulator investigate whether there was a ?systemic electrical safety risk? with small-scale generators. It noted that the number of ?unsafe? units had ?fallen in 2016-17 but had begun to rise again this year.

The concerns have echoes of the Rudd government?s Home Insulation Scheme that led to the deaths of four people largely because of the poor training of installers in trying to meet the significant uptake by households. End of quote.

And, just as back then, starry-eyed left-wingers don?t want to hear. Quote:

It is understood state and territory energy minsters refused to have the issue put on the agenda of a Council of Australian Governments energy council meeting yesterday. End of quote.