Gunts gone wild

Caption: A feminist celebrates her vagina to the patriarchy.

Third-wave feminists are an odd bunch. Perhaps even worse than their rampant misandry is their singularly unhinged exhibitionism. No feminist event is complete without some shrieking ball of purple-haired blubber rolling about in all its naked hideousness, or middle-aged frightbats dressing themselves up as giant, walking cooters.

But if you thought you?d had to endure the worst of unhinged feminist exhibitionism, strap yourselves in. Quote:

This artist is pushing for recognition of vagina diversity. End of quote.

Theodore Dalrymple once wrote of ?a patient who insisted that her AIDS be treated as a disease like any other, but who also made sure we never forgot that she had contracted it voluntarily?. These simultaneous demands completely contradicted each other ? which was the point. ?By demanding this difficult psychological feat of us, recognition and nonrecognition at the same time?she was in effect exerting her power over us?.

Third wave feminists are playing the same silly power-games. At the same time as they screech about ?stare rape? they use any excuse to flaunt their pale, smelly bodies in public: ?free the nipple?, ?slut walking? ? even the flight of Rahaf al-Qunun was used as an excuse for feminists to strip in public. Feminists also use the word ?cunt? with gay abandon, yet respond with fishwife shrieking should any man do the same. Quote:

Imagine a space for women that celebrated vaginas of all shapes, colours and sizes??Raising the Skirt? by artist Nicola Canavan is exploring that in her series of portraits of everyday women, as they share the beauty of their bodies, while exploring their relationships with their vaginas and what they symbolise to them. End of quote.

Quite frankly, I can live without the sight of some insane land-whale brandishing her gaping chasm o? love at terrified spectators. But it looks like Marama Davidson has found a kindred feminist spirit. Quote:

Canavan?s project aims to, quite simply, reclaim the cunt???Raising the Skirt? creates a safe space to for women to discover their inner warrior, and that freedom can be seen through the space that each woman creates in these images.? End of quote.

?Inner warrior?, eh? I?m reminded of the bum-baring scene in Braveheart: feminists weaponising their minges might actually have worked. The stench of a thousand feminist fish factories being unleashed simultaneously would probably have knocked the English down on the spot.

But really, try and imagine men parading in public, waving their dicks about and turkey-slapping terrified passers-by. That?s how stupid these inane attention-seekers are. Sigh. If only Daddy had got them that pony after all.

The last word goes to the good doctor Dalrymple, again: ?It was all very pathetic, a consequence of her thirst for significance in a mass society?.