Ham it up this summer

Ham and egg salad

Fresh Summer Ham.

Missed out on?a Ham for Christmas?

Or, did you order a ham but now it is all gone?

Do you want a summer ham to enjoy?

Don’t despair, we have limited stocks available, so order now.

Only the Whale Meat Company offers you Restaurant Quality Cooked on the Bone (COB) Ham that has been taste tested.

These hams are sought after – Get in quick or miss out.

1. Half leg – FRESH, chilled Cooked on the bone ham

2. Full size leg – FRESH, chilled Cooked on the bone ham 


  • Whale Meat Company fresh chilled hams? are made by the same team, with same recipe as those used in the taste testing!
  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are cured with a water-based cure mix.
  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are not over watered as you can tell from the many positive comments about the bacon.
  • After curing Whale Meat Company hams are?naturally smoked?in our ovens with our Kanuka and Manuka mix.
  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are?gluten-free.
  • Half hams are?average 5.5kg each