He wants our children to all look the same: I have a few ideas

Children in communist China

More FM radio host Gary McCormick has suggested a “revolutionary idea” to put all New Zealand students in identical national uniforms because it would save money and would cut costs for families who are struggling financially.

It would take away both freedom and choice and it would force everyone down to the lowest common denominator; no matter what their personal circumstances.

I have a class photo of when I was 5 years old at Central primary school in Kawerau. We didn’t have a uniform, but I stood out as one of the rich kids as I was one of the few in the photo wearing footwear. I had a pair of red jandals whereas my fellow students were all barefoot.

If I and the others had been forced to dress the same way as the poorest kid in my class to save money then I would have been wearing no shoes, a T-shirt with holes in it and shorts. Not the most flash of outfits, but at least we would all have been equally poor. quote.

During a More FM broadcast, McCormick explained how by rolling out one uniform across all schools, the government would cut costs for families who are struggling financially

“It will be all the same clothes. All the socks, the trousers, the skirts, the shirts and the tops.

“If the school wants to identify themselves, we’ll allow them to have jerseys and they can pick their own colours and they can have their logo on the jerseys if they’re keen.” he said.

  Stuff end quote.

How kind of him to “allow” the parents and schools some choice as to how they spend their own money. Maybe he should expand his idea to cars. We could all save money if the government bought a country’s worth of Ladas. That way the poor familes could all afford a car because the bulk order would knock thousands off the price. Of course the down side would be that we would all have to drive a Lada, but hey, we would all be equally annoyed.

Anyway, back to his original idea. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Make every school a Muslim school and insist that due to our equality laws, boys wear the same uniform as girls. School photos would be pointless but just think of the savings!

2. Save even MORE money by making the national uniform gender neutral!

3. Recycle our single-use plastic bags into school footwear, hats and uniforms. This would cost hardly anything at all, and just think of all the happy turtles!

Your child’s cost effective school jersey doubles as a rain coat.