How some NZ journalists think

The article discussed on the Kiwi Journalists Association page

On the Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook page yesterday they were discussing an article by The Guardian on how conservative media supposedly transformed the Covington Catholic students from the pariahs (that the left-wing media had falsely painted them as) to heroes.

It seems that some of our New Zealand journalists at least are not swayed by facts but are swayed by emotions, their own personal bias and a…smirk. Read the following exchange and weep for the balanced media of old where facts actually mattered.

That’s a smirk on that kid’s face. How do they spin that?

Anne Jolly 

Oh, that?s not really a smirk. You?ve heard of ?resting bitch face?? Well, this poor lad is cursed with ?resting entitled smug white bastard face*?, and he?s already explained at length elsewhere how he and dozens of his pals were surrounded by a savage Amerindian armed with a drum and a handful of his sinister black accomplices. They were lucky to escape unscathed.

* Another name for it is ?a good face for punching?

Steve Ballantyne

Having seen different camera angles of the same face and smile. His look appears very different when viewed at varying degrees. It’s quite interesting re perspectives.

Rose Marie?

 Perspective does alter how you see things. And not just camera angles. Supporters of Trump and supporters of the Catholic Church in particular seem to have a more innocent take on this school party’s behaviour.

Hugh Barlow

The “angles” of the additional racist incidents from the school, mentioned in other stories, is also interesting. One would argue that you take it as an isolated incident, but I don’t think you can.

Greta Yeoman?

I’m not a trump supporter and I’m not a catholic. But I have two teenage stepsons. I know what teenagers are like. I’ve seen them smile when being accused of lying because they’re sometimes awkward and still trying to learn to control their their emotions at that age. So I do empathize with this young mans sentiment that he was trying to be respectful and not react. But imagine being a teenage boy with all your Hope’s and dreams ahead of you and having the world hate you. I wouldn’t wish that on my boys or anyone else’s sons. It’s not fair and young people in particular deserve more protection than most from the media as a result. He may never find a job because of this, everywhere he goes he’ll be jeered at and other douchebags will egg him on in fights. He’ll probably be ostracised by his community and hes just a teenage boy. Is that really fair all things considered? I dont think so.

Rose Marie

As journalists we should note the young man’s story and then subject it to scrutiny. I’m inclined to think anyone who wears a pro-Trump cap is on thin ice if they’re going to define themselves as respectful. Tolerant – of sexism, racism and xenophobia – certainly but respectful?

Hugh Barlow

That’s a good point re the caps relating to Trump. But once again hes
still just a teenager. Hes not of an age yet where he can truly form informed political decisions. The cap is not enough reason to assume a whole lot of other things about the lad.

Rose Marie

 Yep. And teenage boys smirk when they are uncomfortable. The old fella got in his face and the boy didn’t want to lose face by backing away.1M

Lois Williams?

I am not a fan of Trump and have neutral or slightly negative views of priviledged private education, American Catholic or otherwise , or particularly fond of teenage boys, but do think that only people who personally know that young man can determine the emotion in his face. I too smile in adversity or confusion. I have seen some commentary in defence of the young man, and believe it is spin. I have not seen the video. But if all this young man did when confronted was stand his ground and smile, then he might actually be an example to all people, especially older men, who react with violence or abuse. His hat may be worn in irony. Or it may not. How would we know which? We presume a lot. I wish we put as much consideration into the ethics of our own youth, then I may be a little more fond of them

Panda Paul Sisson

I have not seen anything seeking the perspective of the black Hebrew Israelites.

Kevin McCarthy


and a good thing too. As the video shows they are abusive and deluded nutters.

Lois Williams

Their comments are very telling don’t you think? It is fortunate that there were also voices of reason in the conversation. I was surprised however that there was zero focus on the fact that the media got the story 100% wrong. Where was the journalistic outrage at rock bottom standards that bring the MSM into disrepute?