I survived Communism: Part five

The article below was written by?Zuzana Janosova Den Boer, who experienced Communist rule in Czechoslovakia before coming to Canada.

Corruption under Communism:

Because of lack of goods and services, corruption and bribery become endemic under communism. Of course, corruption also exists in capitalist countries, but communism elevates it to a completely different (systemic) level.

 ?It?s not what you know, but who you know.?

To function, in order to survive, you must have a network of connections, and pay bribes, for everything:

?Education may be free, but there?s no guarantee you?ll ever get into your desired school?s program, even if you have top marks. The state might have different plans for you, or for your child. But with good connections?and?the timely delivery of a?valuable?gift to the school principal or party leader, anything is possible.

?Health care may be free, but if you want your doctor to be sober for your surgery, better pay up. Paying bribes to doctors in cash or gold was common in the Eastern Bloc. I was even told how much I must pay?by the doctor himself.

?Police are a special case: corrupt, enjoying their power immensely.  Did you speed? Your choice is between a lesser bribe and much more expensive ticket. No court, no argument, no place to complain.

?Need anything from government employees? Good luck. Communists invented stamps of different sizes and shapes. To get your document (or permit) stamped, you must pay a bribe.

?Want a new book, new clothes, or a better piece of meat? Better know the saleswoman and be really nice to her.

?Your car has broken down and needs repair? Oh dear, now you?re in real trouble. Leaving a car in a repair shop entails the risk of good (functioning) components in your car being secretly replaced by inferior (or non-functioning) ones. The good components will be sold or exchanged for other goods. This is how exchange markets work under communism.

Due to the lack of goods, everyone steals. We used to say: ?Who is not stealing from the State is robbing his own family?. Without connections, you will remain in a queue for a very long time.

And finally, here?s a truly delicious irony for you. Do you think communists care about the environment? I remember hills near chemical plants laid bare, denuded of vegetation by polluted air and acid rain from towns where heavy metals were produced, places where aluminium had poisoned the ground-water, cities where the haze from industrial smog was so thick you couldn?t see through it and it hung there for months, places where noxious compounds in the air forced residents to wear face masks. Naturally, there were?environmental laws, all conveniently ignored, in the name of glorious?socialism.

The worst part is fear, of being arrested, of being tortured, of dying as a political prisoner in a prison, labour camp or uranium mine (slow death from radiation poisoning), incarceration in an insane asylum (you have to be crazy to oppose the regime), or of the same thing happening to someone you love.

Fear is the primary tool for keeping people silent and obedient. Those who do not comply are interrogated, tortured, intimidated, put under surveillance as?MUKL?(destined for liquidation) by the Secret Police, or just killed (quicker and much easier). Those political prostitutes called?informers?are everywhere, especially universities. They?ll report everything you do or say. Forget about freedom of action, speech or even thought. The Party controls everything,?and?you voted for them, didn?t you??Quote.

Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. Those who have known freedom, then lost it, have never known it again

Ronald Reagan end quote.

How many people have been murdered in capitalist countries for not being supporters of capitalism? How many have been murdered by a capitalist state for being anti-capitalist? If we turn the questions around and ask how many have been murdered in communist countries, the answer is between 80 to 100 million, globally.

We are currently in the second stage (destabilisation) of the?new green communism. ?

Are we so gullible that we can be taken without one shot, as Khrushchev predicted? Have we all taken our (many) freedoms for granted? Are we prepared to gullibly give up those freedoms to those advocating ?socialism?, or are we prepared to resist the tide of radical leftism? Socialism equals communism ? and after reading this article, I hope you have no illusions about what it is or where it leads.

Canadians will soon have the chance to demonstrate if, and how much, they treasure their freedom.

Good luck, Canada!