‘I survived Communism: Part two

Statues remembering the victims of the Communist era in the Czech capital Prague

The article below was written by?Zuzana Janosova Den Boer, who experienced Communist rule in Czechoslovakia before coming to Canada.

An important warning.

Do I have your attention? Then let me describe to you how communist propaganda and methodology work.  There are 3 main stages:

1.      Polarization  (KGB term: ?demoralization?)

2.      Destabilization

3.      Revolution

Stage 1:          Polarization ? Divide and Conquer

In order to win power, communists first polarize their target society. The notion of injusticeis introduced. One group of people ? poor workers ? are made to feel victimized by a second group, to the point that they demand civil discourse. Who are these people that supposedly victimize poor workers? Here?s a clue:

Communists don?t care about poor people, they just hate rich ones

George orwell

The one thing a communist cannot abide is a wealthy person. For communists, the rich are owners of private businesses, especially successful ones. They are loathed and demonized as heartless, spiteful monsters who exploit their employees and don?t care about their welfare. The rich are public enemy #1 ? they don?t care about people or the environment; they care only about profit and wealth. Dare to disagree?  Then you are a ?denier? and ?imperialist traitor?, and after completion of stage 3, you will be physically liquidated.

We must hate. Hatred is the basis of communism. Children must be taught to hate their parents if they are not communists.  

Vladimir Ilyich Leni

During the first stage, communists focus on altruistic people ? people with big hearts, full of good intentions, who believe in doing good, for goodness? sake. Why? Because idealistic people are usually na?ve and easy to manipulate, especially via their emotions. ?Recognizing how essential these people are to the success of his revolution, Lenin referred to them as ?useful idiots?.

Stage 2:          Destabilization

During the second stage the basic values of society are targeted for change. This always starts with education:

Give me your child for eight years, and [he or she] will be a communist


 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Communism always uses teachers and the education system to impose its ideology and promote its values ? through indoctrination. My own indoctrination started in elementary school. In grade four, we all had to become Young Pioneers. From that day, we were taught about the ?imminent danger? posed by capitalistic countries. The curriculum in school gradually but firmly established admiration for communism and loyalty to the communist party. We were constantly reminded of how we live in the ?best political system in the world?, the ?country with the best social justice and equality?.

Our teachers participated in this process, either voluntarily or involuntarily. I remember teachers who actively reinforced communist indoctrination in schools.  They exploited a child?s emotional immaturity, lack of experience and knowledge ?vulnerability ? to impose their communist ideas, beliefs and values. They took advantage of their position of authority, of the natural trust that children place in teachers, to brainwash a young and vulnerable generation ? to train the next generation of communists. Scare-mongering was a favorite tactic: ?Embrace communism! Fear capitalism! Otherwise, your country will be overtaken by imperialists and you will be exploited! ? Who is not with us is against us!?

If you think this can?t happen in Canada, then I have news for you: it?s been happening for some time, in both Canada and the US. The environmental cause was targeted years ago by communists as a catalyst for promoting socialism and paving the way for communism.

To be continued.