Immigration, climate change and allies: the biggest threats facing NZ in 2019

Photo credit: WINA

None of the current political leaders in New Zealand are looking out for and promoting the conservative cause. The last few years have seen nationalist revolts around the world against the progressive political ideas taking over and directly impacting our lives; from open borders and uncontrolled immigration to stifling regulations which are slowly eroding our most economically important industries. Not to forget, of course, the usual climate change nonsense rammed down our throats.

Listed below are three of the most important issues facing our country in 2019, and I look forward to the discussion on what you think are the biggest threats and why in the comments section below.


Putting a stop to immigration from third world ‘shit hole’ countries needs to happen, and fast. 

The UN migration compact was a test to see which way our country would go in the future. Predictably, our prime minister couldn?t sign the document fast enough, following in the footsteps of her hero, Justin Trudeau. Although there was a slight pushback, the response from National was just not good enough. Where was the fight and the outrage? Sure, they spoke out against it, but Simon Bridges showed that he really doesn?t care and truly his heart is not in it; compared to the likes of Scott Morrison and Donald Trump who took a strong stand on the issue.

Traditional Allies

We need to maintain closer ties to our traditional allies Australia and the USA instead of backstabbing them. Our Labour coalition government seems to be doing that with glee, whether it’s our hostile approach towards President Trump, with our current PM more than happy to take cheap shots any chance she can get, or undermining Australia?s new conservative PM, Scott Morrison. He is all for strong marriages, anti gay marriage, pro-mining and, most importantly, a fierce protector of Australia’s borders, after making the bold decision to withdraw from the UN migration compact. 

We need to stand beside our traditional allies, who we have gone to war with, shared the most horrific loss of life with and always had each other’s back. But with China now on the scene, this partnership looks like it may change.

Climate Change hoax

National leader Simon Bridges recently told Leighton Smith he not only believed in the great climate change hoax, he endorsed it. This is very worrying. Many of our leaders, most notably Jacinda Ardern, say climate change is the greatest threat to our country and the world. I agree; it has the ability to completely destroy our economy, which relies heavily on the natural resources and farming practices which have made us an extremely wealthy country.  With a ban on offshore oil exploration and drilling coming into effect soon, we will see regions like Otago and Taranaki facing an unemployment crisis. This is a big issue which hasn’t been covered nearly enough. It would be great to read a guest post on this issue from a Whaleoiler who understands the industry better than I do!