It takes a special kind of stupid to make Martyn look clever

Political pundit Wrongly Wrongson being wrong again

The SPCA has done something so silly that we are forced to acknowledge Martyn Bradbury’s hilarious headline and merciless post mocking them.

SPCA goes full woke ? demands rats and birds ?co-exist? peacefully

[…] What the hell is this new woke madness?
The SPCA demands a ban on 1080 because rats and stoats are equal to native endangered species and they should be able to ?co-exist? in the wild???

SPCA calls for ban on 1080
The SPCA has issued a statement calling for a ban on the use of 1080, saying it causes ?intense and prolonged suffering? to animals.

The organisation is ?deeply concerned? over the use of 1080, it says in a statement, adding it is working to achieve change.

The SPCA does not regard the lives of one species over another. However, it does recognise there is a concern regarding the impact of ?so-called ?pest? animals,? the statement says.

?Sometimes it is necessary to capture certain animals or manage populations of species for various reasons, including biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability.

?In these instances, methods that are proven to be humane and effective should be used.?

The statement says the welfare of all animals ? whether native or introduced ? should be viewed equally.

?There should be greater emphasis on looking for solutions that would enable species who cannot be completely removed, to co-exist in the environment instead.?

But Forest & Bird disagree, calling SPCA?s statement ?naive?, ?misinformed? and inaccurate.

?While the idea of stoats and rats peacefully coexisting with native birds sounds great, the reality is that an estimated 25 million native birds, eggs and chicks are cruelly eaten alive by introduced predators every year in New Zealand,? said the organisation?s chief executive, Kevin Hague.

?The SPCA?s position on 1080 is a blow to their credibility. It?s sad to see them promoting flawed logic?.

?I?m waiting for the SPCA to declare that rats are just birds trapped in rat bodies.

Martyn Bradbury

You can?t hold up the life of a bloody rat or stoat, both introduced pests, on par with native endangered species, that?s madness. We don?t have a shortage on this planet of bloody rats or stoats, WE DO have an enormous limited edition of local birdlife.

How exactly do the SPCA intend for the rats and birds to ?co-exist?? Will they demand Wellington based community meetings where the rats and birds have to attend group therapy to discuss their differences?[…]

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