It’s time to end the war on boys

If I don?t have to hear any more vastly privileged female talking airheads who almost certainly earn at least ten times my annual income yammering about how hard done by they are, it won?t be a moment too soon.

Demanding some kind of proxy revenge because Daddy had to work so much overtime to pay for their private education and pony club, the cancer of modern feminism is subjecting boys to a demeaning war against masculinity from a gynocentric Princess Culture that infests Western institutions from childcare to education, media and government.

It?s time to stop the War on Boys. Quote:

In modern society, many of the ways we talk about male identity have either negative connotations or encourage disparaging, eye-rolling satire?If educators, psychologists, and the media want to dissect emerging troubles in masculine identity, then a good place to start would be to acknowledge that many of the ways we talk about male identity undermine this goal. This is a problem that affects us all, because boys are growing up in a culture that is increasingly questioning what?s wrong with them, whilst perpetuating casual cynicism towards them. End of quote.

There?s a typically man-hating ad running on Australian TV, where the Clumsy Oaf from central casting repeatedly fails at even the simplest tasks with Neanderthal ineptitude, while his smirking harpy of a wife sneers from behind her glossy magazine. This is an appalling piece of hateful chauvinism, which demeans men and women both. If the husband is a useless goof, still who wouldn?t pity him for being shackled to such a poisonous fishwife? Quote:

So, the first change that needs to be made is simple and attitudinal: When boys see this kind of stuff on the TV, they should get in the habit of calling it out for being lame, and if anyone starts talking in a lazily derogatory way about men, they should tell them to take a hike. End of quote.

Boys aren?t dumb. They know they?re getting shafted. My sons? friends comment that all the girls they know have at least one job, while most of the boys can?t find one. Even at our local shops, only one employs a single male in an otherwise entirely gendered workforce. Quote:

Boys see that girls and women have better prospects, but don?t see anyone ever questioning the structures behind those developments, and they are culturally disincentivised to question such developments themselves. Psychologist and author Bettina Arndt, in her book ?#Mentoo,? asks: ?Why are boys doing so badly at school when the whole curriculum is set up to advantage girls? Why do women have such power in the family courts to shut men out of their children?s lives?? End of quote.

When young men become so beaten down by the daily oppression of the gynarchy that they withdraw from practically all social life, instead of seeing it for what it is, a crisis in male physical and mental health, the vicious harpies of feminism taunt them as ?incels? and ?worthless losers?. Quote:

The issues young men face are often linked to the idea that there is something wrong with masculinity itself?male behaviour is increasingly diagnosed as attention deficit disorder, the limiting of competition as a valid and empowering form of human interaction, and in the failure to recognise that competitive sports are deeply cooperative.

This leads us to the root of the problem: the social-constructivists?[who] argued that the sexes are essentially the same, and that raising boys in the traditional way ?socially constructs? their gender identity and sets them up for a life where they?ll be entitled to succeed and be aggressive and dominant. You?ve probably seen this framed as the emotionally heated, poorly argued issue of ?making? boys play with trucks, and ?making? girls play with dolls, and forcing kids to conform to gender ?roles.? End of quote.

But the evidence from those societies that have done the most to eradicate systemic gendered bias shows that, given the freedom to, men and women naturally gravitate to the despised ?traditional roles?. Quote:

Clinical scientist and professor of psychology Jordan Peterson points out that?social-constructivists: you?re wrong, and that?s that.? End of quote.

The devastating consequences of the aggressive social engineering of the left is eroding Western society. The welfare state has decimated working-class society, black and white alike. Social constructivist feminism has created a society that lets down men and women.

Women are reaching their forties single, childless and miserable. Men are humiliated, under-employed and made ashamed of their own sex. Little wonder they?re retreating to beaten-down life of video games, porn and opioid abuse. Quote:

Parents and educators need to call out and reject social-constructivist teaching and thinking, and affirm to boys that there are inherently male characteristics and inclinations that are good: loyalty, practicality, competitiveness, quiet dignity, and many more.

Clear out all the crap. Give boys discipline and boundaries. Then let boys be boys. Sounds radical, doesn?t it. End of quote.