Jacinda champions human rights: Where is she on South Africa?s white genocide?

Along with her friends at the United Nations, who usually don?t need any encouragement to speak out on human rights abuses across the world, Jacinda Ardern has not once mentioned or recognised the apartheid-like conditions in South Africa for white South Africans.

Australia has called out the horrific murders and land seizures and so has President Trump. But not our liberal, virtue signalling government, which usually loves the chance to take to the world stage and speak out for the minority. Unfortunately, Andrew Little has been too busy apologising for colonisation and how awful white Kiwis are.?

White South Africans are not allowed to apply for certain jobs, their farms are being forcibly taken off them and attacks and muggings on innocent white civilians are on the rise.

The killings are reported to have been barbaric, with farm owners tortured, raped, burned alive and slaughtered in front of their families. Farm attack victims are usually restrained with shoelaces, telephone wires or electric cables, while some have had their nails pulled out, had boiling water poured over their bodies and been beaten to death with makeshift weapons. 

This violence and torture can only be explained as racial hatred, and is actually encouraged with members of the government using the chant “Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer? at campaign rallies.

Can you imagine if the races were reversed and it were the whites treating the blacks in this horrific way?

Every few years a high profile incident will make international news, but what is taking place is beyond disgraceful and deserves to be called out at every opportunity. When President Trump tweeted out earlier this year following a fantastic and fearless report from Tucker Carlson on the issue, the mainstream media went wild. 

FAR RIGHT CONSPIRACY, they yelled, ALT RIGHT, FAKE NEWS! All sort of names were blared out from the NYTimes, CNN, and even our very own NZ Herald. 

Look at what is happening to Zimbabwe at the moment. The country once called the breadbasket of Africa is now known as the basketcase of Africa. Violent protests against record fuel prices have taken over the country. But it is very hard to have an ounce of sympathy for them. This is what the protesters wanted, remember; they drove out the white farmers because they wanted to govern the country themselves. They elected a corrupt and murderous President Mugabe, and when given the chance for a new direction, they elected one of his henchmen known as The Crocodile. How stupid can you honestly be? Look into the work of conservative commentator Stefan Molyneux; he absolutely nails this.

This is an issue which needs to stay in the media spotlight, or at least be brought up on occasion so people don?t forget that it hasn?t disappeared.? There are some excellent documentaries by Lauren Southern and Katie Hopkins on Youtube which expose this very well.