Jacinda embraces neoliberalism

Behind a paywall, the Telegraph has published an article by PM Jacinda Ardern. It looks like something Todd McClay could have written…but Jacinda’s poorly constructed article is inferior.

The much-vaunted Socialist leader seems to have embraced neoliberalism. In this article she is promoting?free trade, the benefits of free trade and espousing freedom from economic blocs.

The shame of the article is that Jacinda mouths these platitudes but doesn’t really believe them, whereas Todd McClay sincerely believes them – and he’s right.

The left wing will be aghast that Jacinda has essentially adopted neo-liberalism despite her railing against it when she was head of the Socialist Youth movement. It seems that the old saying, people are socialists in their youth but when they grow up they become conservatives, has been proven yet again. Here is some of what she had to say. quote.

Whatever Britain decides about its new place in the world, New Zealand stands with you.

We’re ready to form an ambitious free trade agreement

As a spectator from afar, there seems to be one constant theme in global politics right now. Change. That includes in the UK, a place I don?t just consider a longstanding partner to New Zealand, but my former home.

[…] This constant flow of people benefits both sides.

[…] Our countries share common commitments, whether in relation to democracy, human rights, a rules based order, trade or preservation of peace and security. […]

These commitments do require us to keep finding ways to move forward in a sometimes chaotic global environment. We want, for instance, to build on the UK?s recently announced expansion of its presence in our region, the South Pacific.

We want to take our trade and investment relations to the next level.

The UK remains New Zealand?s fifth largest trading partner. But there is the potential to deepen this partnership further.

A modern, high quality free trade agreement (FTA) between New Zealand and the UK would go a long way towards unlocking this potential, enabling businesses in both countries to work more closely together to seize opportunities in the global economy.

New Zealand is ready to begin negotiations towards a bilateral FTA when the UK is in a position to do so.[…] end quote.

PM Jacinda Ardern
The headline of Jacinda’s article in The Telegraph