Jacinda goes back to her communist roots

Socialist Cindy. Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Jacinda and the government have refused to recognise the interim government of Venezuela led by Juan Guaido. Instead, by default, she has put us once again at odds with our allies by effectively backing the government of Maduro… with all the misery it has wrought upon the Venezuelan people.

I thought Jacinda was a champion of human rights? Here she is, supporting a government that refuses to stand down while starving its own people. quote.

Last week, opposition leader Juan Guaid? declared himself Venezuela’s interim president in an intense acceleration of efforts to force out Nicol?s Maduro, who has overseen the country fall into an economic crisis.
While Mr Guaid? quickly gained the support of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and even Australia, New Zealand has chosen not to take a side in the leadership debate, instead remaining neutral.  end quote.

It is not remaining neutral. It is backing a hard left socialist regime that is causing misery and deprivation to its people, as all such regimes inevitably do. quote

“It is not New Zealand’s practice to make statements of recognition of governments,” Foreign Minister Winston Peters said on Monday. 

“Venezuela needs to decide its future through free and fair elections. This Government expressed concerns about Venezuela’s elections in 2018, and these concerns remain.” end quote.

Venezuela has descended into chaos, and the current president has turned the armed forces against his own people. As a civilised country with a strong human rights record, we should not be condoning what is going on there. I am surprised at Winston being prepared to support such a regime. Then again, nothing surprises me about Winston these days. quote.

Mr Peters’ statement was picked up by world media, with The Guardian‘s article on New Zealand’s refusal to back Mr Guaid? among its most viewed stories on Tuesday.

  newshub end quote.

I am no more surprised at The Guardian showing support for our government’s disgraceful stand than I am by Jacinda continuing to back Maduro. The fact that Venezuelans are in crisis does nothing to change the mindsets of those on the left who want us all to live under similar regimes. The hypocrisy is sickening. quote.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern later justified her stance…
?What we do do as a country, and rightly so, is call out human rights abuses ? it is absolutely clear that people are suffering under the current regime and that they deserve access to their democratic rights and freedoms.? end quote.

See what I mean about hypocrisy? We call out abuses of human rights, but continue to support a regime that takes them away from its own people?

We are in good company though… quote.

Maduro retains the support of Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia and Turkey and still has the backing of the military, although his defence attache to the Venezuelan embassy in Washington defected to Guaid? on Saturday.

End quote

I’m so glad that we are in the company of countries that uphold the human rights of their citizens. quote.

In May last year Peters said he was ?extremely concerned? about ?the continuing erosion of democratic norms and institutions,? in the country following the presidential elections, including widespread reports of election irregularities and Nicol?s Maduro?s banning of the main opposition leaders from participating in the poll.

At the time, Peters, who is also deputy prime minister, said New Zealand supported ?any regional and international efforts to facilitate a national dialogue in Venezuela that would allow truly free and fair elections to be held?.

the guardian end quote.

So Winston expressed concerns about the last Venezuelan election. However, he still supports the regime that rigged that election?

This government hits new lows just about every day. Once again, we are at odds with our allies who are all countries that want to see an end to the suffering in Venezuela. Our government refuse to condemn a communist regime. That tells you all you need to know about the thinking of the people in our government.