Jacinda is leading lambs to the slaughter

As commenter Veridian pointed out on the blog recently, Jacinda Ardern is not a friend of women or a protector of women. Like Angela Merkel she is leading her fellow women to the slaughter. quote.

Westerners and especially Western women need to wake up fast since they are the ones in the immediate firing line. Their lives will be changed for the worse long before there’s any significant change to men’s lives. They need to ignore the propaganda directed at women and vote for parties that will protect them.?
The former young communist Ardern and company are not the friends of women. Ardern is for open borders, never-ending mass Moslem immigration, theft of taxpayer money by utilising the myth of climate change and the radical alteration of New Zealand into a socialist utopia like Venezuela. end quote.


Jacinda Ardern cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of New Zealand women, today or in future generations. Despite having a daughter of her own she has chosen to ignore the plight of her ?sisters? in Europe caused by the actions of Angela Merkel, and is doing all she can to inflict the same plight on the women of New Zealand. She is cursing future generations with skyrocketing rape statistics, Muslim child rape gangs, female genital mutilation, child marriage, polygamy and Sharia law.

Like ?Mother Merkel? the only ?children? she cares about are brown Muslim men of fighting age. Women in her socialist virtue signalling world are simply not important enough to protect. By signing the UN Global Migration compact and continuing to push the Australian Prime Minister to give New Zealand the economic migrants from Manus Island, she is doing all she can to bring untold misery and abuse to Kiwi women and girls. Her actions will eventually destroy all the rights and safety that her despised ?white patriarchy? has created for women in New Zealand.

The future for NZ if we do not vote in a government prepared to protect women and to remove itself from the UN and the globalist movement.

New Zealand is blessed with natural sea borders to protect us but we are cursed with a globalist, open borders prime minister who is determined to put the UN’s wishes first and New Zealand women’s rights and safety last.