Jacinda is starting to lose it


Audrey Young is generally a supporter of Jacinda, and so her frustration with Jacinda’s attitude on returning to the mundane role of running the country is noticeable. Jacinda reminds me of David Lange who, towards the end of his second term, completely lost interest in politics and took up motor racing instead. However, it took Lange over 5 years to become disillusioned with his job. Jacinda has managed it in just over a year. quote.

Jacinda Ardern has made a less-than-grand entrance back to mundane domestic politics after her whirlwind visit to Europe last week reinforced her status as a rising star on the international stage.

The Prime Minister delegated her regular Tuesday morning media appearances to Finance Minister Grant Robertson and who could blame her? He was forced to spend most of his time defending the failure of KiwiBuild targets and preparing the groundwork for the delivery of the capital gains tax report. end quote.

I blame her. It is her job. She is the figurehead of the government, and does very little else. She should front up and answer the questions the media have every right to ask. quote.

In the substance of the press conference, Ardern sounded exasperated at questions about the failure of KiwiBuild to meet its first milestone of 1000 houses by July, and by questions about the capital gains tax report.

Ardern’s tetchiness perhaps reflects a raft of challenging issues facing the Government. After a year of settling in, reviewing the past and setting priorities, 2019 will have to be a year of delivery. end quote.

She has no right to be tetchy. These are important issues, made more so by the fact that Labour made such grandiose promises during the election campaign. This government promised transformation. Now they have to deliver, and they are clearly not up to the job. quote.

Ardern became impatient when questions turned to the undisputed veto that NZ First will have on any capital gains tax ? the Greens have been unequivocal supporters and NZ First longstanding opponents.

a newspaper end quote.

She is clearly losing it. What’s the matter, Jacinda? Did you have too much of a good time at Davos? quote.

She also became exasperated when questioned about the failure of KiwiBuild targets ? so much so that she could not bring herself to actually say “No” when repeatedly asked if the July target would be met. The Government was still on track to achieve the overall target ? building 100,000 over 10 years, she insisted. end quote.

See all those highlighted sentences above? She has only been back in the job for a day. She can’t control her contempt for the media for even 24 hours?

We all said that this government was never up to the job of running the country. They are failing on all levels. Instead of smiling and saying, “Give us a chance”, she is growling and angry. This is what ‘kindness’ looks like.

Helen Clark learned the lesson that you have to play nice with the media, or they will not play nice with you. John Key was a master at it. Jacinda’s immaturity and lack of experience is starting to show. She needs the media to be on her side, and has had that luxury for over a year now. The pack will turn on her, however, if she treats them with contempt.

They have the right to ask questions about government policy, and they also have the right to be answered in a civil manner. Things are not going to get better anytime soon, with the Tax Working Group’s report now having been presented to Cabinet. Jacinda needs to get a grip. There is a long way to go before the next election.