Faces of the day

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1.?Jewish Children with a Teacher, Samarkand, 1911

Today’s collection of Jewish faces of the day challenges preconceptions and stereotypes about what a Jewish person looks like.

Do you think that Jews are white and nerdy??When you think of religious Jews do you think of Black hats and beards?

A Sephardic Jew who also is religious decided to do a photo essay of Jewish faces to show the…

” […] beautiful rainbow that is the Jewish people. A people that can?t be defined as a race or be put into a convenient box. ?A people that defy all stereotypes.”

Pop Chassid

Shall we begin?

2. Iranian?Jewish dervishes, c. 1922
3. Jews In Iraq? Yep. circa 1908-191
4.?Members of the Jewish Brigade Local Defense, India, 1939
5. Yemenite Jewish Woman, 1983
6. Ethiopian/Israeli/Jewish/Awesome
7. Rastaboy Raslion
Gulienne Rison, Riverdale, 2012
7. The Unicorn
Chava and Baruch Arky, 2012
8. The Couple
Fully Jewish; Fully Chinese
9. Fully Jewish, Fully Chinese
10. And just remember?

This is an image I made a little while ago that was playing off?a famous ad campaign done by Levi?s Rye?that essentially used people from different races in their ads to show people who ?weren?t Jewish? enjoying their bread. ?Time to set the record straight.